Krishna in the film Krishna Aur Kans

Krishna is one of Hinduism's most treasured gods and the main protagonist of the Indian animated film Krishna Aur Kans (Hey Krishna).

Hindu Mythology

Krisha, like many Hindu deities, is portrayed as the overwhelmer of obstacles. She is often shown as a young girl with blue skin playing a flute, and can be a mischievous prankster and a noble hero.

Krishna Aur Kans

The story tells of Krishna, who is the chosen one to defend India from the evil Emperor Kans, who murdered Krishna's siblings. She defends the innocent and fights off the emperor's henchmen without batting an eye. Like in the myth, Krishna can be a troublemaker with a taste for milk and butter, but she grows into a strong and courageous warrior.

Krishna is endowed with special powers like super strength, which she uses to take down the demons Kans sends after her through the film. She also has a magical flute, which she uses to charm the villagers.



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