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Kristofferson Silverfox is one of the tetartagonists in the 2009 stop-motion film Fantastic Mr. Fox. He is the kind and peaceful nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Fox and cousin of Ash.

He was voiced by Eric Anderson.


Kristofferson is quiet and calm, unlike dynamic Ash. He seems intelligent and quick to learn (as illustrated by his first try at Whack-Bat). He is shown to have a romantic relationship with Agnes and he isn't slow to protect those he is close to.


Being from Mrs. Fox's side of the family, he has her same, periwinkle eyes. His fur is light grey, with a white belly and tail tip. His ears are a darker grey. His eyebrows are thin and first appear as light brown, although they are shown as dark grey later. He wears yellow shoes and is the only fox to wear them.


Kristofferson is quick, agile, and calm. He is great at sports, and his athletic skills involve running, whack-bat, diving, and karate. Ash is shorter then Kristfferson, despite being older.

When he first comes to the house, he and Ash dive into a pool. Ash makes a clumsy dive with a large splash, while Kristofferson makes an elegant swan dive with barely a ripple. When Kristofferson talks to Coach Skip, he says he has never played Whack-Bat before, and that kids on the other side of the river normally run sprints and play acorns. Kristofferson gets ready to play whackbat.

Kristofferson does very well on his first try, and Coach Skip praises him on his skill. Kristofferson also knows karate. He is very agile and quick, allowing him to beat larger enemies. He enjoys meditation, and does so primarily in the lotus position, which is referred by Ash as "legs twisted into a pretzel". (In the movie, his legs is literally twisted into that shape.)


  • Kristofferson's blue wardrobe proves him to be an outsider, given by the fact that the film's color theme is mostly brown and orange.
  • Kristofferson was inspired by songwriter, Kris Kristofferson.


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