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TV Puppet Pals! TV Puppet Pals! Lots of fun for boys and girls!
~ Krunk when rushing back to the apartment to watch his favorite show after being a superhero.

The Infraggable Krunk is a character from the TV show, Dexter's Laboratory, as well as the tritagonist in the Justice Friends segment. He is a parody of the Incredible Hulk. His skin and pants colors of the Hulk are reversed. He is very different than the Hulk, because he doesn't revert to a normal human, but he acts dim-witted. In one episode he acted like the Hulk. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


He has a purple-colored muscular body build with green ripped-edge short pants


Despite his imposing size and massive bulk, the Krunk is actually a very friendly and gentle person, always helping those whenever they need it.


The Infraggable Krunk's most prominent power is his unlimited strength, enabling him to lift and push extremely heavy objects. He also has a moderate form of invulnerability, allowing to become almost immune to forces. Despite his invulnerability, it is possible to injure the Krunk. His body has a regenerative healing process that patches him up at lightning speed.

Krunk's super strong leg muscles not only allow him to run at incredible speeds, but also travel long distances by jumping through the air. He can also run at incredible speeds. He also has uncanny reflexes that contridict his massive size.


  • Krunk's color palette (purple skin and green pants) is the opposite of the Hulk's color palette (green skin and purple pants).
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