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The Kuja Tribe better known as their pirate crew, Kuja Pirates, is an all female tribe and pirate crew. Their island is known as Amazon Lily and the Island of Women, a forbidden island for men to trespass. Their current empress of their tribe and captain of their crew is the former Shichibukai, Boa Hancock.

When a Kuja fell in love with a man, they suffer to Love Sickness (a disease that would succumb a Kuja if they rejected their love for men as a result to their deaths) such as the previous empresses (the predecessors of Boa Hancock and former empress Gloriosa) died from this disease after they've rejected their love for men. Hancock was the very first empress who accepting her love for Luffy allowing her to survive from the disease. When a Kuja was enslaved physically, mentally and sexually as well as assumedly raped by the Celestial Dragons, they turned into cold-hearted man-haters such as Hancock and her sisters (Sandersonia and Marigold).

A pregnant Kuja only gives child births for girls.

After Hancock redeemed herself and loved Monkey D. Luffy, the Kuja now worshiping the Straw Hat Pirates' captain as an exceptional man as they enjoy touching and stretching his rubbery skin (due to his "Gomu Gomu no Mi", true name as Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika) for 20 golds as their new hobby during the Banquet when Luffy made funny faces causing the Kujas laughing. They even hanged a giant photograph from Luffy's bounty.

They were the main antagonist group in Amazon Lily Arc when they've mistakenly thought Luffy invaded their territory until they redeemed themselves from this misunderstanding. They also helped Luffy and Hancock to aboard the Marine's battleship to rescue Luffy's brother, Portgas D. Ace. After Ace's death, they've sheltered Luffy from the World Government and Marines. After 2 years, they've assisted Luffy to Sabaody Archipelago to rejoice his crew to escape to Fishman Island.

After the Levely for the Shichibukai abolishment by the request of Admiral Fujitora, the Kuja' treaty with the World Government was terminated as they send the Marines led by Koby to try capture Boa Hancock. The Kuja are ready to wage war against Koby and the rest of the Marines.

Crew Strength

The Kujas are very formidable female fighters. The Empresses are the strongest of all of the Kujas. They've trained Busoshoku Haki enables them to bypass Devil Fruit's users including Logia-type users. They used snake bows as their main weapons and their arrows are imbued with Haki. Few of them either use a sword (like Aphelandra) or a spear (like Boa Marigold). The Kujas children have trained in birth (such as Hancock, Sandersonia and Marigold trained 24 years ago after Roger's execution).


  • In Greek Mythology, the Kujas are similar to amazons of Olympus.


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