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Kuki is an anti-hero in the anime and manga series, Tokyo Ghoul. He is an Ghoul investigator and squad leader of the Quink Squad, as well as the leader of the S2 Squad.

He is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Adam Gibbs, Luci Christian (young) and Meg McClain (young) in the English version of the anime.


Urie is a slender young man of average height, with purple hair styled into an undercut and dark triangular eyes with unique diamond-shaped irises. Urie also has two distinct moles below his left eye. He usually wears his CCG uniform consisting of the formal suit , black shirt and tie, along with a white trench coat pulled over when a mission beckons. He is also seen wearing black gloves. Aside from this attire, Urie is often wearing earphones. Like most ghoul investigators, he occasionally carries a briefcase with him.


Urie is often cool-headed and is very dedicated and stern about his work to which is proven by his efforts to ruthlessly slaughter as many ghouls as possible. Urie has the tendency to be very hasty when investigating the slightest details or signs of a suspect.

In the beginning, he executed missions on his own without waiting for his fellow teammates or support. He is very ambitious and hates sharing credit with others as he just wishes to achieve higher ranks as a ghoul investigator. To achieve his personal goals, he is willing to go as far as manipulating his comrades or cause discord within the team.

Despite all of this, he has an extremely strong jealousy towards his superiors, particularly Sasaki. He harbors a sense of inferiority and as a result, an intense hatred for those around him; he feels that he is in Sasaki's way and that the world has treated him unfairly: despite losing his father and being the top of his class, he cannot achieve anything no matter how hard he tries.

Like the other investigators, Urie believes that all ghouls should be eradicated and believes that all investigators should never retreat or run away from a fight with a ghoul even if he has to strain himself. This belief is ironic as Urie's late father ordered his team members to retreat while he stayed to fight and was killed by the One-Eyed Owl. He also holds a grudge against Iwao Kuroiwa and his son Takeomi Kuroiwa for not fighting by his father's side during the Owl battle. Urie thinks the Kuroiwas are inconsiderate and refuses to forgive them.

As times goes on, Urie begins to respect his teammates and becomes more receptive. Although still rash and manipulative, he is more willing to work in a team and show concern for his squad and mentor. After Shirazu is fatally wounded, Urie shows a more vulnerable side for the first time and after Shirazu dies from his wounds, he was so overcome with grief that he couldn't leave his body even when Matsuri Washuu ordered him to follow the One-Eyed Owl. Urie also openly displayed disgust towards Matsuri's dismissive attitude despite him being his superior.

After the Tsukiyama Operation, Urie's character changes significantly and he softens up a bit. Urie begins to become close with first generation Q's as he has shows major concern if their lives are at stake, not wanting to lose another friend like Shirazu. After he gets new squad members, he treats them well except for Higemaru who he shows disdain towards. Urie retains his ambition to rise through the ranks of the CCG, but is no longer driven mostly by selfish reasons.

Power and abilities

Quinx Physiology: He is a Quink, he has a koukau kagune and enhanced skills with high physical capabilities. At first he had difficulties controling his increased power of his kagune but, after his first battle he began to develop his skill well and used his kagune more skillfully. Urie also has skills using a quinque and as a squad leader, he has a strong sense of leadership and is able to lead his squad into battle and take down an opponent while strategizing his and his squads moves.

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