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Kumamon is one of the heroes in Digimon Frontier. He is the spirit form of Tommy Himi. His known attacks are Crystal Freeze and Blizzard Blaster. Kumamon can also slide-evolve into Korikakkumon.

He is voiced by Kumiko Watanabe in the Japanese Version and Brianne Siddall in the English Version.


Kumamon resembles a little snow bear that weilds a mini bazooka.

Digimon Frontier

Kumamon appears for the first time in the episode "A dangerous test". As the group heads for the Station in the Forest, it suddenly encounters a Candlemon camp. These initially seem hostile to the Digiprescelti, but then seem to become peaceful after it is revealed that Takuya is one of the Legendary Warriors and has managed to digiate into Agunimon. However, this is just a Candlemon trap, which suddenly attack the group. Takuya decides to fight against the Candlemon, but, being the master of the Fire, he can do very little against other fire Digimon. However, Tommy comes back, risking his life to help Agunimon, thus manifesting his Human Digispirit of Ice, which allows him to digivolve into Kumamon. The master of the Ice manages to freeze several Candlemon, helping Agunimon, but is then knocked out by Wizardmon, one of the Candlemon's Revolution. Anyhow, From that moment on, Kumamon becomes the preferred form of Tommy.

Famous Battles

  • Kumamon vs. several Candlemon
  • Kumamon vs. several Goblimon
  • Kumamon, Beetlemon, and Agunimon vs. Golemon
  • Kumamon vs. several Chamelemon
  • Kumamon vs. Asuramon


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