Kumatora, also known as her waitress name Violet, is the secondary deuteragonist of Mother 3. (the other being Claus) She is a princess and another member of Lucas' team, being the only female member. Unlike Ana and Paula Jones from the previous Mother/EarthBound games, Kumatora is a tomboy.


Kumatora is a young teenage woman with pink hair as well as olive eyes. She wears a cyan-blue dress and red boots.


Kumatora was first introduced in Chapter 2, where she is found by Duster and Wess. Her leg was caught by a bear trap, but Duster and Wess quickly helped her.

In Chapter 3, she helps Salsa, going with Wess, but the trio were attacked by the Pigmask Army. Luckily, Lucas was bravely able to save them.

In Chapter 4, Kumatora is revealed to be a waitress, and at that time, she went by the name "Violet". She later joins Lucas' team.

In Chapter 5, she ended up getting separated from her team, thanks to the Masked Man.

In Chapter 7, Kumatora was saved by Doria after she fell. She was reunited with her team, and defeats the Masked Man, pulling the needle. Ionia teaches Kumatora PK Starstorm.

In the final chapter, she was knocked out by the Masked Man, along with Duster and Boney. (being Lucas the only member to stand) But they were quickly recovered.

After the game ends, Kumatora notably starts to cry in the secret ending, as said by one of the characters.


  • She originally had purple hair and black clothes.
    Kumatora EB 64.png
  • Unlike Ana and Paula, she doesn't use frying pans as her weapons; rather, she uses gloves, though she uses a Fake Frying Pan as her weapon.
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