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Hero Overview

This won't be a challenge.
~ Kung Jin thinking he is better than Ermac.
How about you, Cassie? Can you summon anything like that? Or did it skip a generation?
~ Kung Jin mocking Cassie.
You're a broken record.
~ Kung Jin to Raiden.

Kung Jin is the younger cousin of Kung Lao and one of the main protagonists in Mortal Kombat X.

He is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, who also played Jonathan Joestar, Zhang Bao, Adam Park, Ichigo Kurosaki, Itsuki Koizumi, Yu Narukami, Vash the Stampede, Zero, and Lelouch vi Britannia.


Kung Jin is Chinese, having long black hair tied into a mid-high ponytail and dark brown eyes. He dons a gold headpiece that travels towards the chin with sharp edges, a necklace with two teeth shaped objects, with a stone in the middle, and a red beaded necklace. He wears a metallic plate on his left shoulder, armbands, and a kimono like attire with a ring holding on towards the top of the left side of his shirt with various designs. He has a red otaiku with a white sash in the middle and a ring holding it together. He wears baggy-like pants with golden, vertical stripes going down towards his armored boots. His quiver of arrows are slung behind his back.


Kung Jin has the same personality like any young person were he believes that he is better then everyone else. He has a problem with rules and following orders. Kung Jin when he was a member of the Special Forces didn't think much of the soldiers or the government they served.

Kung Jin tells Cassie and Jacqui that as a shaolin monk the things that he has seen would blow their minds and is nothing compared to what has seen. Kung Jin is not very patient he prefers to get things done rather then plan. When Cassie plan to to talk to Sub-Zero fails because Kung Jin decided to do things his way he put the blame on Cassie for the plan failing. Sub-Zero points out to Jin that he should listen to his superiors rather mock them but Jin doesn't take his advice.

Kung Jin will mock, insult and taunt his opponents he is brash, overconfident and extremely arrogant. During Mortal Kombat 11 Kung Lao tells Cassie that Jin has out grown the Special Forces and no longer wants to have anything to do with them.

Kung Jin likes to show off, boast and brag. In many of his fights Kung Jin is always saying something rude to get his opponents mad at him.

Powers and Abilities

Kung Jin has demonstrated himself to be a master archer, and is highly exceptional in hand to hand combat. His skill with a bow is unmatched, able to fire multiple arrows in a short time, with incredibly accuracy and precision. He is capable of summoning his bow when the time calls for it, and can shoot multiple trick arrows with a variety of different effects. He's also a highly acrobatic and nimble fighter, able to maneuver around the battlefield with ease.


Revenants? Like Jacqui's dad?
~ Kung Jin being an asshole as Jacqui Briggs states
I've seen plenty of action. Takeda I both. Stuff that will blow your Special Forces minds.
~ Kung Jin to Cassie Cage and making her angry
You could spit in his hair and he'd be "pleased with our progress..."
~ Kung Jin to Johnny Cage when he says secretary Blake was pleased
Then what? A simple pick up and go?
~ Kung Jin to Cassie Cage about finding Sub-Zero
Damn it, Jin...
~ Cassie Cage after Kung Jin doesn't listen to her
You! I need t--
~ Kung Jin trying to talk to Sub-Zero instead of falling Cassie's plan
Okay... let's try pummeling. Now!
~ Kung Jin when Sub-Zero won't talk
Kung Jin. You should rally your companions rather than mock your superiors
~ Sub-Zero to Kung Jin
I'll remember that ...in case if I ever meet one.
~ Kung Jin to Sub-Zero after he tells him not to mock his superiors
Got a new plan Cage?
~ Kung Jin to Cassie after he didn't follow the first one
You're not afraid are you Mister Cage?
~ Kung Jin to Johnny Cage with an arrogant laugh
The zombie's daughter.
~ Kung Jin making Jacqui angry
Thought you'd rather run and hide.
~ Kung Jin to Kung Lao
On your butt's where you're going to be.
~ Kung Jin to Raiden
Stocked up on painkillers yet?
~ Kung Jin mocking Jax Briggs
Gimme all you got has been.
~ Kung Jin insulting Jax Briggs
I don't need a lecture.
~ Kung Jin to Kenshi
Get out of my face, loser.
~ Kung Jin to Kano
I'm a Shaolin Monk, dirtbag.
~ Kung Jin to Kano
Gonna get me an A-plus-plus.
~ Kung Jin thinking he can bet Johnny Cage
We can't all be as handsome as you.
~ Kung Jin making fun of Reptile's look
Sir, please muzzle your pet.
~ Kung Jin to Ferra & Torr
That's me, loincloth.
~ Kung Jin being rude to Goro
You are reckless and impulsive.
~ Bo' Rai Cho to Kung Jin
I don't need a lecture.
~ Kung Jin thinking he doesn't need any lessons from Bo' Rai Cho
This is a waste of time!
~ Kung Jin not wanting to train with Bo' Rai Cho
Shaolin punk.
~ Cassie Cage to Kung Jin
Right over your ass if I have to.
~ Kung Jin to Cassie Cage
Toughest one in the bunch.
~ Kung Jin telling D'Vorah how he thinks he is the toughest Earthrealmer
This won't be a challenge.
~ Kung Jin to Ermac
I'll put an arrow where you sit.
~ Kung Jin to Erron Black
Right on top of your friggin' head!
~ Kung Jin's reply after Goro tells him the House of Kung will fall
Watch your mouth, Jin.
~ Jacqui after Kung insults her and her dad
You're late.
~ Kung Jin mouthing off to his teacher Johnny Cage
Another test? Really?
~ Kung Jin giving Johnny Cage attitude about his training
Don't give me an attitude.
~ Johnny Cage after Kung Jin gives him attitude about more training
Thanks for the bright red target!
~ Kung Jin to Kano
Kitana. You know the term "stuck pig"?
~ Kung Jin to Kitana
Comin' through! That's the plan.
~ Kung Jin talking about literally going through Kitana
I bet you could.
~ Kung Jin planing to make Kotal Kahn angry after he says he could no be more angry
Done. Now let's go.
~ Kung Jin just wanting to fight after Kenshi to reconsider
Get over yourself!
~ Kung Jin to Mileena
I'll beat you like he did.
~ Kung Jin believing he can defeat Quan Chi just like Kung Lao
Demo ends with you on your ass.
~ Kung Jin to Quan Chi
Let's fix that hearing problem.
~ Kung Jin to Quan Chi
On your butt's where you're gonna be.
~ Kung Jin to Raiden
Stay back, gator boy!
~ Kung Jin making fun of Reptile
Back in your hole, snake.
~ Kung Jin to Reptile
Piss of. I'm not your student!
~ Kung Jin to Scorpion
Good evening "bishop". Like the silly hat over a bald spot?
~ Kung Jin making fun of Shinnok
You even worth my time?
~ Kung Jin thinking fighting Sub-Zero is a waste of time to him
They say Sub-Zero's tough. I say talk is cheap.
~ Kung Jin to Sub-Zero
Hello Tanya.
~ Kung Jin speaking in a cold tone to Tanya
Less talk, more blood.
~ Kung Jin to Tremor
Rule one! There are no rules.
~ Kung Jin to Takeda
Now give up!
~ Kung Jin during mid fight
How you like me now?
~ Kung Jin mouthing off during mid fight
~ Kung Jin mid fight
You should be embarrassed.
~ Kung Jin during mid fight
Like a big hat over a bald spot?
~ Kung Jin referring to Shinnok's head


  • Unlike the rest of his team, Kung Jin is the only member of the new defenders of Earthrealm to not be a son or daughter of a previous defender of Earthrealm; instead he's the cousin of Kung Lao.
  • A discourse between Kung Jin and Raiden, as well as one of Kung Jin's comments during a fight with Tanya, and a half-confirmation on the speculation of fans by one of the game's writers has led to a strong implication in Kung Jin being the first homosexual character in the Mortal Kombat series. Later, via Twitter, creator Dominic Cianciolo confirmed that Kung Jin is indeed homosexual.


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