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Heroine Overview

Kurumu Kurono is one of the main female protagonists in the manga/anime series, Rosario+Vampire. She is a Succubus and one of the most beautiful girls at Yōkai Academy. At first, her goal was to take Tsukune Aono away from Moka Akashiya by force, though she later tried to do it the old-fashioned way, becoming Moka's first love-rival in the process. Despite her numerous sexual advances towards Tsukune, in actuality Kurumu is a very innocent character and genuinely yearns for Tsukune's love.

It is said that should Tsukune not pledge his love for Kurumu, she will die, as the source of life is love for a succubus, coming from their destined ones.

She is voiced by Misato Fukuen in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Brina Palencia in the English version of the anime.


Kurumu has light ocean blue hair, tied back and a purple ribbon headband with one star on each side. She has deep purple eyes and thick eyelashes. She wears a plain long - sleeved white shirt with a red bow tie, and a pale yellow ocher coloured vest with the light brown checked skirt. She wears white leg warmers and plain black dress shoes.


As a succubus, Kurumu has excellent abilities in seduction and takes great pride in it. She is well liked by most of the boys in her school, but fell in love with Tsukune when he saved her from inner Moka. Kurumu initially acted cold and arrogant, only interested in repopulating the succubi and controlling boys, but in truth she is very kind-hearted. Afer being saved Kurumu tells Tsukune that he is her one true love and will try to make Tsukune love her without her succubus power.

She often teases the rest of the girls on how their breasts don't compare to hers. She teases Yukari by saying how small her breast are and that Tsukune wants a more 'full/mature' girl. With Mizore she calls her 'stalker women' and 'snow skank'. She doesn't tease Moka as meanly as the rest but does push her aside when she is with Tsukune and is flirty with him when she is around.

As a running gag, she tends to seduce Tsukune by rubbing her breasts against him, which she does often, or hugging him between her breasts and wants him to feel how soft they are, which suffocates him. She is very confident in her sex appeal and always states how they're bigger than Moka's, showing superiority issues on her part.

Powers and Abilities


Succubus Physiology: As a succubus Kurumu possesses abilities that induce illusions and lust allowing her put many monsters and humans under her control. She also possesses basic yokai abilities such as enhanced physical prowess and other ones unique to her kind. Though as a yokai of love and lust if her heart is broken after falling in love herself then she could potentially die.

  • Flight: As a Succubus, Kurumu possesses wings that give her the natural ability of flight.
  • Enhanced Strength: Kurumu has notable strength, being able to slice trees in half with her claws and carry multiple people at once. After training for a month to fight against Fairy Tale, Kurumu can easily slice through metal guns and easily defeat the grunts of the organization.
  • Enhanced Speed: Kurumu has shown to be fast enough to defeat several enemies at once. Her speed after training allowed her outpace most of the grunts of Fairy Tale and slice apart their weapons before they were able to react.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: She has been able to react to a barrage of gunfire from a fairy Tale Soldier. Her reflexes are heightened after her training that she was able to immediately cast an illusion of herself when Akua attempted to kill her in the Floating Garden.
  • Enhanced Durability: The tissues and bones of Kurumu's body are considerably stronger and more resistant than those of ordinary humans or lower yokai. This is shown when she survives attacks coming from powerful vampires such as Moka, Kahula, and Akua. In fact even before her training, Kurumu possessed enough durability to forcibly bypass a powerful barrier casted by Touhou Fuhai which he noted is capable of killing almost any yokai attempting to force their way in or out of it to reach Tsukune, something Fuhai complemented her for though she was still moderately injured from the attempt.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Kurumu's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins than the musculature of ordinary humans or lower yokai, allowing her to stay physically active for longer periods of time. This is shown when she and Mizore engaged Kahula Shuzen even after being defeated and severely injured by Akua which Moka noted that she did fully recover at all and was just ignoring her injuries. Despite being further injured by Kahula in her second release state, Kurumu and Mizore still had the strength to douse the vampire with holy water thus weakening her for Kokoa to finish off. Her stamina is also shown when she utilizes her mind entering ability (that she notes is a taxing ability of the succubus) to forcibly enter Moka's mind to retrieve Touhou Fuhai, Tsukune, and Mizore for a considerable amount of time. Though she did collapsed in exhaustion and lost consciousness for a few hours after depleting her energy.
  • Allure and Illusions: Being a succubus, Kurumu possesses powers of Allure, which she can use to hypnotize males. This technique, however, only seems to last a few minutes. Kurumu can also use Illusions, displaying the ability to affect an entire crowd of males with her Allure. Her allure eventually grew strong enough to hypnotized Tsukune for several hours. Her illusions also became strong enough after her training to be able to trick even Akua Shuzen into thinking that she killed Kurumu with her initial surprise attack.
  • Claws: Kurumu can grow claws out from her fingers that can easily cut through trees and enemies with ease. After training for a month her claws became sharp and strong enough to easily slice through metal guns and weapons.
  • Mind Entering: Recently, she has shown her ability to travel into people's minds via her tail. It's revealed that she can't stay in the dream too long or it will exhaust her body. Later, she shows that she can enter a person's mind with a kiss, like she did with Tsukune to bring his soul back when he was consumed by his Shinso blood.



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