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Kusu is a minor character in the anime series Dragon Ball Super. She is the oldest daughter of the Great Priest and the oldest sister of Whis and Vados and the rest of Guide Angel of Universe 10. She also is the attendant and the martial arts teacher of Rumsshi.

She was voiced by Hiromi Konno in Japanese and Brittany Karbowski in English.


Kusu is an humanoid girl, with the teal skin, white hair with wearing a single braided side pigtail with gold bows and light purple eyes. She carries a Angel Attendant's Staff on her right hand. Basically, she appears as a early teen girl, similar to her the other Angels, her hair comb is a 80/20 ratio. Around from her neck is a large light blue ring. Her attire consists of purple robes, a black cuirass and pink sash. Unlike her younger sisters Marcarita and Vados, she also wears a purple high heels, her black winklepicker shoes with the white spats.


Kusu is always to advise with Gowasu and Rumsshi type of the difference of good and evil. Later, they watching us to the good and evil getting a blood racing. Kusu was so fascinated it's sharpness in muscles of a members of the Team Universe 10. She is appearance having shown the rather showy and flamboyant attitude, when Kusu seen interduces to the fighters of the Universe 10 as a manner similar to game show host, reveals to more excitable hearted side. Despite her appears and size, Kuzu was the oldest of a family of angels her seen to more dancing in interested.

Kusu was explicitly most of the emotional about the species, doing some fun easy quite from the company during her deities, such as the mortals, and very upset even her tracking at the fellow Angels, as well what is trivial for the defeated with the subordinates in Tournament of Power, or clearly being frustrated having a mood damaged her from the defeats at the least the final three will be Obni, Rubalt and Zircor.

At the direct to contrast with Mohito, she was not even smiling and nonchalant regarding during the destruction at the universe it's was a gods, before the Universe 10 has been eliminated to erased for the Tournament of Power, Kusu is very quietly to erasure from her home, subordinates and superiors; doing from she is cared about, respected and it's emotionally attcked from the gods, mortals and Universe between to her own life expected spared; being sadness and displaying grief, everything what does it matter with the other Angels shown to have been the life.




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