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Kwamis are fairy-like, "abstract" creatures that give certain power to people with Miraculouses, transforming them into animal-themed super beings that appear in the French animated superhero series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.


Kwamis are divine beings that are formed whenever a new abstract idea or emotion comes into existence in the universe, such as creation, love, beauty, and mathematics. The very first Kwami ever to come into existence is Tikki, the Kwami of Creation, who came into existence upon the creation of the universe.

All of the Kwamis know each other and journeyed across the universe for eons. During their travels, they found their way to Earth and at some point and discovered their magical powers, born from the abstract concepts that they respectively embody, with Plagg using his powers to cause the extinction of the dinosaurs. That's when the kwamis realized, even though their powers were great, they were too strong and unfocused, leading to great damage. During their ancient past, the kwamis witnessed the rise of humanity and with it, from 5 to 7 million years ago, the birth of their "cousins" the Renlings.

However, the Kwamis were spirit-like, and thus couldn't be perceived by regular, tangible lifeforms, such as humans, and were therefore unable to interact with them. Despite that they had a deep yearning to learn more about humans unknowingly observing them.

Until one day, five thousand years ago, a Chinese mage figured out how to create special magical jewels, the Miraculouses. These jewels allowed the Kwamis to manifest in physical form, finally allowing them to communicate with mortal lifeforms, though the physical form can only be manifested when a Kwamis respective Miraculous is in the possession of an owner. In return for the privilege of having the ability to be perceived by mortals, the Kwamis were able to grant superpowers to their Miraculous owners. Through said owners they had discovered that their powers are far more manageable.

From that point on, Kwamis helped the wearers of their Miraculouses transform into heroes and achieve good all around the world. There were instances where they became stuck with villainous owners and were forced to help them with their diabolical schemes due to being bound to their miraculous owner's every command, such as Nooroo and Duusu currently in the series. Some of them have made long-lasting and meaningful bonds of friendship with their owners and to commemorate that special bond, they'd give their owner a jewel, known as a Kwagatama.

A long time ago (long enough for some Kwamis to forget), a magical spell was cast upon them. They are physically incapable of speaking their owners' names to each other or any Miraculous owners other than their own. However, if another Miraculous owner already knows their owner's identity, then the Kwami can speak their owner's name freely.

On occasion, incidents where an active kwami would get separated from their owners or find them in trouble would occur, and often used their powers to protect them, but only as a last resort.

In "Sandboy", it is revealed that active Kwamis collect items from the outside world and bring them inside the Miracle Box to give as presents to inactive Kwamis for entertainment.

Just as Miraculous holders were taught about the powers of the jewels, so were the kwamis, such as the Miraculous potions, that allowed them and their owners to change into their elemental forms. However, even though they were curious about how their powers could be modified, they were forbidden by the guardians to know as a precaution in case if they ever fell into evil hands.

Over time, the kwamis also became aware that they could unify their powers as well as the danger that came when one holder fused too many jewels together, as seen in "Miracle Queen", when Stompp, Roaar and the others refused to share their activation commands after seeing Chloe's rude and selfish behavior. They also knew that Chloe could've severely hurt herself, so they refused for her own safety. They also were aware of the Guardian's Code and sometimes, like their owners, shared meaningful bonds with the guardian's of their boxes.

Sometimes, depending on certain situations or emergencies, kwamis would often return to the home cities or towns of their previous owners, but come under the ownership of new holders, like in the case with Tikki.


Generally, Kwamis are small, being around 10 centimeters in height, with large heads and very tiny bodies. They have arms and legs, but they lack fingers and toes. The animal theme that their Miraculous has affected their appearances, such as Plagg being black with green eyes, cat-like ears, a cat-like tail, and three cat-like whiskers on his cheeks and head.

Known kwamis


Main article: Tikki

Tikki is the kwami of Creation. She inhabits the wearer's earrings for them to become a ladybug-themed superhero. The current holder of the Ladybug Miraculous is Marinette Dupain-Cheng.


Main article: Plagg

Plagg is the kwami of Destruction. He inhabits the wearer's ring for them to become a cat-themed superhero. The current holder of the Cat Miraculous is Adrien Agreste.


Main article: Nooroo

Nooroo is the kwami of Transmission. He inhabits the wearer's brooch for them to become a butterfly-themed superhero. The current holder of the Butterfly Miraculous is Gabriel Agreste, though he uses his powers for evil.


Main article: Wayzz

Wayzz is the kwami of Protection. He inhabits the wearer's bracelet for them to become a turtle-themed superhero. The former holder of the Turtle Miraculous was Master Fu. The current holder of the Turtle Miraculous is Nino Lahiffe.


Main article: Trixx

Trixx is the kwami of Illusion. He inhabits the wearer's necklace for them to become a fox-themed superhero. The current holder of the Fox Miraculous is Alya Césaire.


Main article: Pollen

Pollen is the kwami of Subjection. She inhabits the wearer's comb for them to become a bee-themed superhero. The former holder of the Bee Miraculous was Chloé Bourgeois and current holder is her half-sister, Zoé Lee.


Main article: Duusu

Duusu is the kwami of Emotion. He inhabits the wearer's brooch for them to become a peacock-themed superhero. The former holders of the Peacock Miraculous include Emilie Agreste and Nathalie Sancoeur, the current holder of this Miraculous is Gabriel Agreste though he uses his powers for evil.


Main article: Sass

Sass is the kwami of the Intuition. He inhabits the wearer's Ouroboros Bracelet for them to become a snake-themed superhero. The current holder of the Snake Miraculous is Luka Couffaine.


Main article: Mullo

Mullo is the kwami of Multiplication. She inhabit the wearer's pendant necklace for them to become a mouse-themed superhero. The current holder of the Mouse Miraculous is Mylène Haprèle.


Main article: Fluff (Miraculous Ladybug)

Fluff is the kwami of Evolution. She inhabits the wearer's pocket watch for them to become a rabbit-theme superhero. The future holder of the Rabbit Miraculous will be Alix Kubdel (When she's older).


Main article: Longg

Longg is the kwami of Perfection. She inhabits the wearer's choker for them to become a dragon-themed superhero. The current holder of the Dragon Miraculous is Kagami Tsurugi.


Main article: Ziggy (Miraculous Ladybug)

Ziggy is the kwami of Passion. She inhabits the wearer's hair clips for them to become a goat-themed superhero. The current holder of the Goat Miraculous is Nathaniel Kurtzberg.


Main article: Xuppu

Xuppu is the kwami of Derision. He inhabits the wearer's circlet for them to become a monkey-themed superhero. The current holder of the Monkey Miraculous is Lê Chiên Kim.


Main article: Daizzi

Daizzi is the kwami of Jubilation. He inhabits the wearer's pearl anklet for them to become a pig-themed superhero. The current holder of the Pig Miraculous is Rose Lavillant.


Main article: Orikko

Orikko is the kwami of Pretension. She inhabits the wearer's thumb ring for them to become a rooster-themed superhero. The current holder of the Rooster Miraculous is Marc Anciel.


Main article: Barkk

Barkk is the kwami of Adoration. She inhabits the wearer's collar necklace for them to become a dog-themed superhero. The former holders of the Dog Miraculous include Sabrina Raincomprix and Félix Graham de Vanily, the current holder of this Miraculous is Gabriel Agreste though he will uses his powers for evil.


Main article: Stompp

Stompp is the kwami of Determination. She inhabits the wearer's nose ring for them to transform to an ox-themed superhero. The current holder of the Ox Miraculous is Ivan Bruel.


Main article: Kaalki

Kaalki is the kwami of Teleportation. She inhabits the wearer's glasses for them to become a horse-themed superhero. The current holder of the Horse Miraculous is Max Kanté.


Main article: Roaar

Roaar is the kwami of Exaltation. She inhabits the wearer's panjas bracelet for them to become a tiger-themed superhero. She temporary wielder of the Tiger Miraculous is Juleka Couffaine.


Main article: Liiri

Liiri is the kwami of Freedom. It inhabits the wearer's talon pendant for them to become a eagle-themed superhero. The current holder of the Eagle Miraculous is Jessica Keynes.

Mei Shi

Main article: Mei Shi

Mei Shi is a former statue and guardian, reduced to a Kwami. He appears in the special Miraculous Shanghai.




  • According to Thomas Astruc, the creator of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, the name of every kwami has to be a short name with a double letter in it. However, Nooroo's name has two doubles, whereas the others have just one double.
  • A kwami knows the proper hero name for their Miraculous wielders, as shown in "The Queen's Battle" when, upon activation, Pollen refers to Chloé as "My Queen".
  • It is revealed in “Miraculous Shanghai” that kwamis have cousins called “Renlings”.


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