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You think you're the responsible one? Where were you after Dad died and Mom was all alone? Because I was the only one who packed up and moved my whole life to be with her.
~ Kya to Tenzin

Kya is one of the supporting characters of The Legend of Korra. She is the second of Avatar Aang and Katara's three children and their only daughter, as well as the couple's only waterbending child. As such, she always felt a stronger connection with her mother.

She is voiced by Lisa Edelstein.


Kya is the second of Avatar Aang and Katara's three children and their only daughter, as well as the couple's only waterbending child. She is named after Sokka and Katara's mother. A waterbending master and healer, Kya has always felt a stronger connection with her mother than her Avatar father. Kya has a "free-spirited" personality. Kya and her older brother Bumi felt neglected by Avatar Aang, who focused his attention on their younger brother Tenzin, the only other airbender in the family. This childhood resentment surfaced in season 2.


Early life

Kya stood for a photo with her family when she was just a young girl.

Growing up, Kya and her older brother, Bumi, enjoyed teasing and roughhousing their younger brother, Tenzin. Although the three siblings maintained a relatively healthy relationship, Kya and Bumi became distant with their father due to his fixation on saving the world, preserving the Air Nomad culture and training Tenzin, the only other airbender in the family. Consequently, Kya developed a stronger connection with Katara, who taught her waterbending. In the process, Kya had developed her waterbending and healing abilities to proficiency.

During her teenage years, Kya realized her sexuality; finding herself drawn to women. Aang gave his full support to her, since his nation believed in being open with their love. Around this time, she went on vacation with her first girlfriend.


Kya has a personality somewhere between those of her two brothers: she can be serious and responsible at times, but enjoys joking around and teasing others as well. According to Katara, Kya was rambunctious as a child. She retains a cool and clear head during times of distress, but around her brothers she can become "as unpredictable as a raging river".


Kya was able to use a water tentacle to grab Zaheer in mid-air and pull him down.

Having been trained by her mother, Kya is proficient in the use of waterbending, particularly at the art of healing. She further honed her abilities during her travels around the world, becoming a renowned healer in her own right. Her abilities allowed her to keep Jinora's energy circulating despite the absence of the young airbender's spirit from her body as well as heal Korra, Mako, and Bolin simultaneously using spirit water.

In addition to her healing, Kya is proficient in combative waterbending, demonstrating versatility and resourcefulness during battle and a mastery of several high level techniques, including water tendrils, water gimbals, pressurized water drills, and ice bullets. She has been known to use a water skin in combat and was able to fend off multiple dark spirits with a limited supply of water. Her skills also allowed her to stand her own against powerful benders such as Zaheer and Ming-Hua, both of whom she managed to subdue briefly.


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