Kylie Koopa Artwork - Partners in Time
Kylie Koopa
is a female Koopa Troopa and a tourist who resides in the Mushroom Kingdom. She appears in the 2006 video game, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and the 2013 video game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. She is first met on Yoshi's Island.


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Mario and Luigi (including their baby selves) encountered her when traveling to Yoshi's Island. She is seen taking pictures of the mutant Yoshi named Yoob. The heroes saw Kylie where the Yoshis were. She, the Yoshis, and the four heroes were later eaten by Yoob. Kylie was supposed to take a picture of Yoob, but she was eaten instead. She is later spit out by Yoob since she is a Koopa Troopa.

Later inside the Koopaseum in the Gritzy Desert, Princess Shroob starts sending her army into it. Princess Peach first gets captured by Petey Piranha and Kylie was taken by her minions. She was later rescued by the Mario Bros. by defeating Petey Piranha and was spat out. Later, it seemed all hope was lost when Princess Shroob was about to defeat them, but she was disguised as a Shroob and rescued the Mario Bros.

Kylie later found Toadbert and later restored his memory and quickly followed the Mario Bros. to tell them. However, she and Toadbert are later attacked by Elder Shrooboid and turned into Shroob mushrooms. She and Toadbert later get turned back to normal by Baby Mario's tears.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Kylie is now working as a tourist guide writer in a building in Wakeport, but because she's had many jobs between this game and the previous one, she doesn't remember the Mario Bros. Even though this game is set in the present, she doesn't appear any older and has not changed physically at all. She has left her snapshots inside Camera Blocks all around Pi'illo Island, and asks Mario and Luigi to find and decrypt them for her. She will give the Bros. Coins or DX Beans if they decrypt the snapshots within a set time limit.

She is the one who takes the photo of Princess Peach and a few Toads on Mount Pajamaja in the ending credits. Her cap and arm are also visible at the bottom of the group picture at the end.

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