Kyohei Kadota is a supporting protagonist in the light novel and anime series Durarara!. He is is a member of the Dollars and a former member of the Blue Squares. Kyouhei leads a small gang comprised of himself and his close friends Walker YumasakiErika Karisawa, and Saburo Togusa. The four of them are almost always seen together and are fairly well known around the Dollars.

He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in the Japanese version of the anime and Steve Blum in the English version.


Kyouhei is a tall young man with his usual attire consisting of a black beanie with a teal jacket, jeans, and black shoes. A short sleeved version was also shown in Episode 12.5. When not wearing his hat, he is shown to have slicked back brown hair and eyes. Physically speaking, Kyouhei has handled more than his fair share of street fights and is very skilled in hand to hand combat. While not a powerhouse like Shizuo, or a devious planner like Izaya, Kyouhei is one of the more normal characters in the series in terms of abilities.


Kyouhei tries to portray himself as the calm and collected type. He always approaches a subject with a serious mindset but he is not above goofing around with his friends if there is no harm in it. Kyouhei has also shown to have a bit of a heroic streak. He is always seen helping others out, especially his friends, and is always willing to give out friendly advice if needed.

His sense of justice is exemplified when he saves Saki Mikajima without hesitation, despite the fact that it means acting against one of the largest gangs in the city, and again when he continues spying on Yagiri Pharmaceuticals for kidnapping people despite it having little to do with him. He is also charismatic, as he has a large number of friends whom he can call on for favors even outside of his usual circle, being able to gather upwards of 30 with just a few hours' notice. Kyouhei has also been shown to be very perceptive and can read people's intentions fairly easily.

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