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Kyoshi, frequently referred to by her title as Avatar Kyoshi, is the titular main protagonist of the series Avatar: Kyoshi. She also makes a posthumous appearance in the show Avatar, the Last Airbender. Kyoshi was a resident of the Earth Kingdom and is one of the past lives of the series main protagonist Aang, she was reincarnated as Roku, a firebender, who in-turn was reincarnated as Aang.

A large group of warriors made her their patron, and go by the Kyoshi Warriors, and wear battle attire that matches her's in honor of Kyoshi. Another group hate her because they find her responsible for Chin the Conqueror's demise. When Chin attempted to conquer her part of the Earth Kingdom, Kyoshi used her earthbending to split apart the land, moving it far out to sea as it's own island. Chin refused to move and thus fell to his death when the land split apart. Aang points out that Kyoshi did not actually kill him but rather Chin was just too suborn to get to safety, Kyoshi on the other-hand sees little difference between that and killing him herself and states she would gladly have cut him down herself if she had to. Of all the previous Avatar incarnations shown in the series Kyoshi seems to be the least sensitive and is willing to actually shed blood to protect her people and maintain nature's balance. The Kyoshi Warriors are not only trained in her fighting style but also in her mind-set to emphasize their roles as warriors.


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