Kyou Kai (羌瘣) is a character from the 2006 seinen manga and 2020 anime series キングダム/Kingdom. She is a 23 year old 5000-Man Commander for the State of Qin, the leader of the Kyou Kai Unit, and a lieutenant in the Hi Shin Army during the Warring States era of ancient B.C. China.


Born to the Kyou tribe of the legendary Shiyuu, a clan of swordswoman and assassins infamous throughout the underworld of China for their inhuman and almost mythical skills with the blade. While it's unknown on what became of her birth parents, Kyou Kai would be raised alongside other girls as they trained to one day inherit the title of "Shiyuu", the strongest and most skilled warrior worthy enough to be called by the title of their clan. Along side with her

as were watched over by an elder simply called granny Kyou. become close with her adopted older sister, Kyou Shou, as they did everything together from training, eating, and even slept in the same bad in their younger days. With the years passing, the two of them would eventually become the strongest members of the Kyou tribe as they would routinely slaughter entire groups of armed thugs. Sometime later as they were the ages of 13 and 15, the sisters would be selected for the ritual to decided the successor of the Shiyuu title. While watching the gathering of the other candidates, Kyou Kai and Kyou Shou... 


By her first appearance, Kyou Kai was a relatively short petite girl with large jade green eyes with shoulder-length hair tied into a ponytail with a ribbon. Two strands hair fall on each side of her face with her bangs reaching eye level whenever she takes her headband off and carries her exquisitely beautiful jade green and ruby embodied Chinese Jian sword known as Ryokusui on her back. By the end of the 2 year time skip after Qin's victory over the Coalition Army and returning to the Hi Shin Unit after getting vengeance for her sister's death, her hairstyle has subtle change with two thick strands of hair overlapping her headband and her becoming even more beautiful. In terms of clothing, Kyou Kai wears a white scarf and dons red and white clothing with sleeves longer than her arms and a white headband with two red markings symbols of her tribe. 


A quiet individual, Kyou Kai sometimes says very little or nothing unless she is giving out tactical advice to either Ri Shin or Ka Ryo Ten. While showing little care for them, Kyou Kai holds disdain for those who are clueless about her clan. As a trained assassin, Kyou Kai will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in her way. Others who have seen her inhuman talent with the sword have called her a "monster" as she cuts down her opponents with ease. Since accomplishing her quest of vengeance, she has grown warmer towards her comrades as they find her more approachable now.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Qigong:With a lifetime of Shiyuu training, Kyou Kai can control and manipulate her Qigong, a millennia-old system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training.
  • Chi Healing
  • Medical Intuition: Particularly skilled in the esoteric applications of medical qigong, Kyou Kai is one of the resident medical experts and healers in the Hi Shin Army.
  • Enhanced Strength:Despite her frail looks, Kyou Kai is actually a walking powerhouse as she can cut adult size men in half with a single swipe of her blade and armored soldiers as if they were made of paper, pierce through a master of chi's reinforce skin with ease.

Fighting Style

  • Master Swordswoman: Hailed as the strongest of her generation, Kyou Kai is a one of the greatest swordplay masters in all of China, as she is a dangerously fearsome and talented master swordswoman in Clan Shiyuu's style of swordsmanship. Capable of killing multiple opponents within a single move, splitting them in half in an instant and exhibited total control of her blade when she skillfully cut Ri Shin's clothing without harming him in the blink of an eye and later cut him down with a single stroke during their duel. This is
  • Priestess Dance:



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