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Kyouhei Kannazuki is a supporting protagonist in Date A Live. He was formerly a member of the Anti-Spirit Team and is currently the vice-commander of the Ratatoskr organization.

He is the vice-commander of Fraxinus, thus he usually comes in contact with Shido and is regularly featured with the other crew members of Fraxinus as assistants on Shido's mission to save the Spirits.

He was voiced by J. Michael Tatum in the English version and Takehito Koyasu in the Japanese version of the anime.


Kyouhei is a man in his late 20s though he still looks quite young. He has long blonde hair and light brown eyes. He wears a white suit with black outlines and blue covering some parts. In addition, he also wears a black shirt underneath and a silver-white tie with a black belt that can be seen on his waist. His height is stated to be 181&cm. In the anime which makes him the tallest character in the series so far.


Kyouhei is a nice man with elegant manners; however, he appears to be kind of an idiot, and seems to be unreliable given his rank and position. Obsessed with Kotori, he always thinks of perverted ideas that includes Kotori in it, and often gets punished as a result. Also, he usually shows masochistic qualities when receiving punishment from Kotori (only fearing castration), however in some other cases he also shown those "M" qualities as well. Nevertheless, he can be serious and competent when needed to be in certain situations, though usually those are on rare occasions when Kotori is not around to command.


Ryouko mentioned that Kyouhei (his name was not included in that mention but implied) was the AST's captain when Ryouko, the current captain, just joined. He kept the AST in line with unusual punishments whenever they stepped out of line; first timers had to cosplay for a day, second timers had to step on him on top of having to cosplay, and so on. However, he was well-respected due to his skills with Realizers. He left the AST to find a suitable master to serve, and joined Ratatoskr later, though he stated that he wanted to be reinstalled in the AST if he was ever to return.

Powers & Abilities

Kyouhei has shown to have the ability to control a very large number of Realizers to their full potential, he has shown so much skill that he can maintain the Realizers even when goofing around.


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