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Kyouka Idol

Kyouka (キョウカ) is a heroine of Omega Quintet.


Cool Beauty of Song Maiden. It does not belong to her only Momoka from office, I have to act together with Shiori. It did blown to Shiori, but had harbored hostile feelings toward Momoka and Otoha et al., And now work together in response to was to act together with Takt, it has been moved. We have received the unfortunate handling of the "affirmation that is wrong about" from Takt. It does not suit to the serious likely appearance, actually viability nil. Previously Shiori seemed had me doing one way the housework, his room after that move is supposed to be sloppy, etc. or have been Ho-ra a change of clothes. Takt is such angry that not me Kama~tsu yourself too much, there is also jealousy deep. The base color of the costume in blue, symbol mark spade. Theme song "Eureka". Good at water attribute. The main weapon is spear. Although excellent in instantaneous power is not keep up with the growth of Kanadeko, attack power is inferior to Otoha · Kanadeko, and they've become a odd specs such as lack of special abilities and attack range, not magic also good at. Inherent characteristic medium-range reverse (pull the enemy) is spear. The name I seem to fall is "sound". In the ending, because there was never was a life away from the care of Shiori, we've crowded you can fart by raising the root in just three days of starting.



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