Lúcio is a supporting hero in Overwatch.


Lúcio Correia dos Santos was born in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. When he was young, he found a hobby in DJing, and performed on street corners and at block parties. As he got older, he performed in a series of underground shows.

When the Vishkar Corporation took control of Rio, Lúcio stole their sonic technology and led the favela's citizens against the company. Vishkar was forced out of the city, and Lúcio's music career began to gain popularity around the world.

Lúcio's first single was Sonhos Ômnicos. A year later, his first album Synaesthesia Auditiva debuted. He went on tour to promote it; the tour includes new technology that Lúcio had worked on for two years.


Lúcio is a very positive and uplifting guy, often finding ways to cheer up his teammates and others. He always likes to be on the move and isn't afraid to announce his reaction to doing something cool. He is a believer in a free society and is willing to fight for the people to have their equal rights. As such, he appreciates cities which allows its citizens to live how they choose according by his voiceline in Numbani, and also has a deep dislike for the Vishkar Corporation, most notably for forcing people to acclimate to their way of life, as shown by his constant battle with them and not being too happy about teaming up with one of its members.

Lúcio is a huge fan of music as well as skating, often making puns to them during a match. He also seems to be a fan of D.Va, as conveyed by him enthusiastically asking her for an autograph. On top of that, Lúcio seems to enjoy hockey.


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