~ L3

L3-37 is a character from Solo: A Star Wars Story. She is Lando Calrissian's companion, secondary pilot and confidante. 

She is headstrong and sarcastic, but still remain a loyal friend.

During the heist to steal coaxium from the mines, she frees a droid to get him out of the way. However, she gets carried away and starts freeing the rest of the droids in the mine, which proves fatal as one of the guards shoots her dead. Her CPU is later installed in the mainframe of the Millennium Falcon, thus explaning the rudeness of the Falcon's main computer that C-3PO talks about.

It was hinted that L3 and Lando were in love, as evidanced by Lando's devastated reaction to her death, which in turns helps explain Lando's fondness for the Millennium Falcon.

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