So, Burnett, you didn't forget about magic, it's safe inside you.
~ Lady

Lady is a beautiful and mysterious steam engine who runs the Magic Railroad in the TV series, Thomas and Friends. She is also the love interest of Thomas. She probably returns the feelings.

In the film Thomas and the Magic Railroad, she is voiced by Britt Allcroft, the creator of the series.


Lady was chased and wrecked by Diesel 10 long ago and was brought to safety by Burnett Stone. She was brought back to life with the help of Burnett's granddaughter Lily after being stored at Muffle Mountain for years, and helped Thomas defeat Diesel 10. Thomas has a crush on her and even said she was beautiful. The two get along well. It is unknown if Lady likes Thomas back, but she probably does.

She and Rusty later appeared in a dream to Thomas. She told Thomas how to resolve the problems Sodor was facing.


Lady is painted red-purple with gold head lamps on the front footplate, gold buffers, smokebox and funnel top, dome and whistles, side rods, lining and her name on each side in gold. She is also painted a very dark purple on her cab roof, lower funnel section and her footplate.


Lady doesn't seem to be based on any real locomotive prototype, but it has been suggested that she bears some resemblance to a K&SER Northiam with the rear cab cut off and an enlarged chimney. She is said to be based on "Lively Polly", owned by the Liverpool Overhead Railway Company. She may also be partially based on a LSWR 0-4-0 locomotive.

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