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Lady Celestia (also known as The Priestess) is a trainer of Dragons and their Riders, she is the most kind and pure healer in all Lore and is the adoptive mother of Artix. Her belief in the good of mankind never faltared. She also really likes tea.


Lady Celestia has a tall, slim built and long white hair that is mostly tied up and flow down to her leg along with dark blue eyes.

Her outfit consist of a white blouse with gold trim and a long dress with the same color.


Celestia is a kind soul, being friendly and cheerful all the time. It's probably because of her friendiness that she manage to make friends with dragons and always seems to know more than what she speak.


Little is known about Celestia's early life exept that she is a priestess of the Temple of Light and was very skilled in Dragon Magics. At some point, she befriended a dragon and Warlic.

She was the head of the Temple of Light until it fell to the undead, where she illuminated everyone with her teachings of good and truth.

When Artix escaped the attack of your village, Celestia founded the boy and brought him to the Temple of Light's orphanage and requested Paladins to train him in the arts of the Paladin. Though Artix could not use healing or light-based magic.

The Paladins tried to have him removed several times, but there was no arguing with Lady Celestia, she saw something in Artix. Paladins say the way she talked about Artix, the Hero would have thought he was the Champion of Light.

In DragonFable she was attacked by Drakath and his Darkwolf Bandits until she was rescued by the Hero. Afterwards, she filled him/her in on his/her destiny to save the world from the Shadowscythe, led by the powerful Sepulchure. She was eventually killed by Xan and an undead Akriloth during the Chapter 1 finale.

In AdventureQuest Worlds, she can be found in Swordhaven. She appears after Drakath's interruption of the battle between good and evil and demonstration of his Chaos powers, come to Swordhaven to deliver her message to King Alteon the Balanced and warn the heroes not to listen to the whispers of Chaos.

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