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You were careless to lead them back here. Though there is nothing to be done about it now but to fight.
~ Yueying.
With each victory, I grow even stronger!
~ Yueying's victory quote.

Huang Yueying (in Chinese: 黃月英), also known as Lady Huang (in Chinese: 黃夫人), is one of the minor protagonists in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. She is a daughter of Huang Chengyan and the wife of Zhuge Liang.


Huang Yueying was said to be a intelligent, which is always learns to many knowledge for her people. For some reason, Yueying was inspired by her family and ordered to used special methods to apply them. Her father often admires her meaning to respect the opinions of others and considered a very talented due to her kind-hearted nature, she make the men envy her ability and spread the rumor that she was unattractive. They were also show that Yueying is an accompanied woman, if she wants to break it down and can be praised to do very nice.

Meanwhile in time, Yueying encountered Zhuge Liang for the first time. He was while to married her before he joined Liu Bei. It is noteworthy that Zhuge Liang had no other wives in his life, though this was a common practice among powerful men of his time. But she did not wants for lying to Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang has been agreed to accept her courage, she was know that they are promised to be respected by anymore. Yueying was not suitable from her own destiny, Zhuge Liang was unlucky which accepted this matter to anecdote, even her wealth were handed over to Liu Bei.

In following many years, she and Zhuge Liang was give birth of their son, Zhuge Zhan. Yueying was also the step-mother of Zhuge Qiao whom Zhuge Liang had adopted, when she loving her husband and sons is right. During the Battle of Jieting, Yueying shall helping Zhuge Liang to finding Ma Su with Jiang Wei together by flow lay on to tips for attacked by Zhang He at reveled is trepidation. When Ma Su was ambushed by Sima Yi, the greatest minister of Wei, Yueying was not a jealous for being in perilous nearly a least while she has punished the enemies, Zhuge Liang hold on to protect Yueying from greatest decrease.

She and Ma Su fled on there as discovered by Zhang He, Zhang He led the warriors to defeated them. Yueying, Ma Su, and Jiang Wei are moving to left path but does not traced by Wei, Zhang He is very dishonest to crash be a brutish who lenient is impugning by Jiang Wei so miscarry to fail. After Ma Su was free up, Yueying and Zhuge Liang decided to comply out with Ma Su, executing him by a genus in encompass. Yueying is able to help them start by cover up their another impede, they are satisfied as need to be contaminated.

Later in her life, Yueying died after Zhuge Liang's death shortly before the Battle of Wuzhang Plains.


Yueying is a sane and honest woman who does a good dreams for her husband. At the breeding of discipline, she remained loyal with Liu Bei as known has surely by in empathetic.

Of course in by fact, Yueying makes her family and friends blessed when she hoping look forward to a odyssey. Yueying likes reading and writing poems who just keep Zhuge Liang and her son done when foible.

Passing of a charmed must to being in fidelity for herself. She is completely caring about Zhuge Liang as well as her son to proper because of which beyond times could helpful to Liu Bei.


  • Yueying also appears as a playable character in the Dynasty Warriors series.


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