Lady Liberty is a heroine who appears in Clayfighter:  Sculptor's Cut.  She is a living version of the Statue of Liberty that was created by the evil Dr. Kiln for his evil plan to take over the world.  She however rebelled against him and joined the heroes in stoping him from doing so.

She is voiced by Tress Macneille.


Lady Liberty is a self-proclaimed freedom fighter.  She upholds the final words of the United State's Pledge of Alliegence by assuring that there will always be "Liberty and Justice for All", and believes that freedom is a right that all heroes should hold.


Clayfighter:  Sculptor's Cut

After Dr. Kiln fled Mudville and sought refuge on Claymodo, the mad doctor began concocting plans on world domination.  In addition to recuiting a group of villains who supported his cause (such as Santa Claus's evil counterpart Sumo Santa and the witchdoctor Houngan), he began experimenting on various creations in the hope of building an evil army to serve him.

Among his creations was Lady Liberty, a scaled down version of the Statue of Liberty that fought under the false designation that the heroes where evil, and T-Hoppy, a terminator-style, cyborg rabbit whose job was seek out and destroy the heroes that were rebelling against the villains.  However, once both creations were brought to life, Laby Liberty came to her senses and rebelled against her master.  Dr. Kiln ordered T-Hoppy to terminate her, but she escaped to join up with the heroes in their quest to retake the island from the villains.

After battling a number of villains, Lady Liberty eventually confronted fellow creation T-Hoppy, and tried to convince him to fight off Dr. Kiln's manipulation on him, but the cyborg rabbit was determined to destroy her as part of the doctor's plans.  Having no choice, Lady Liberty is forced to fight her "sibling" in a battle of life or death.

Despite T-Hoppy having the upper hand with his assortment of weaponry, Lady Liberty manages to defeat him.  With the help of the heroes, she also manages to defeat Dr. Kiln and drive him and the rest of the villains off the island, with one notable exception:  T-Hoppy.

Following the battle T-Hoppy is reprogrammed to fight alongside Lady Liberty and the heroes to insure that the world will be a safer place once again.

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