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Lady Lora
Lady Lora is the heroine of Dragon Quest (Warrior).


Alefgard in the royal princess, Lorik16 II's only daughter. Before six months of the story at the start already kidnapped in the Dragon King, it has been confined to the phrase cave. Dragon King after world domination, seems to her was scheduled to be his wife. After being rescued to hero, to pass the items to be with his help "princess of love." hero and journey after all is over, find new ground which is not seen yet, to build together a new kingdom. Although will be brave to rescue in to go complete the game, it is not the final goal of the game to rescue her, has become the middle of the event. According to the comic "Road to Dragon Quest", "because" from defeat a large boss enemy to rescue the princess "of was already common, rescue was brought to the middle" thing with. When the rescue, it changes to pose Alef of graphics was the so-called "princess huggy", it will be to travel together to Tantegel. If along the way stay at an inn to stop in town, inn my husband the next morning that "last night I was Fun" come sheds delivering a profound message with. When in the remake talk to the Dragon King remains troubled holding the Lady Lora, or is added words of the Dragon King, before ending production also has to be some changes. "Princess of Love" is a tool to help you find the required items for entirely clear, princess of love if you know the position to get the required items are unnecessary. Lady Lora game remains imprisoned it will be terminated.



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