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Hey, Cha-Cha.
~ Nebula to T'Challa.
Nebula: With one ounce, you can heal a dying planet in minutes. And with a payload the size we're talking...
T'Challa: We could feed billions of people on millions of worlds, and eradicate hunger across the galaxy.
~ Nebula and T'Challa on the Embers of Genesis.

Nebula, also known as Lady Nebula and Heist Nebula, is a character in the Disney+ animated series What If...?, appearing as a major character in What If...What If... T'Challa Became a Star-Lord?

She is an alternate version of the Luphomoid who became friends with the Wakandan prince T'Challa, whom also convinced Thanos to change his ways. When T'Challa formed a plan to steal the Embers of Genesis from the Collector, Nebula participated in stealing the Embers and pretending to betray him and the Ravagers. After stealing the Embers and the Collector's defeat, Nebula and the Ravagers traveled to Wakanda and met T'Challa's family.

She is voiced by Karen Gillian, who portrays the character's mainstream counterpart, and also played Amy Pond in Doctor Who.



Nebula's history is similar to her sacred timeline counterpart, being a Luphomoid who's planet was conquered by the titan Thanos. She was then adopted by him and trained to become one of his deadliest warriors, receiving cybernetic enhancements to make her more proficient. At some point, Thanos would change his ways when the ravager T'Challa convinced the titan to not wipe out half of the universe, which allowed Nebula to change as well. However, Nebula had a strained relationship with her adoptive father due to his previous actions against her.

What If...?

Nebula reunited with T'Challa and the Ravagers and informed them of the Embers of Genesis, a cosmic dust that could feed an entire system with just one ounce. Seeing an opportunity, T'Challa and Nebula made a plan to steal the Embers from the Collector, who had become the galaxy's most dangerous individual after Thanos changed his ways. While planning the infiltration of the Collector's museum, T'Challa created another plan to have Nebula pretend to betray him and the Ravagers to repay the Collector. During the heist, Nebula went with the plan and pretended to betray her allies by apprehending the Ravagers and selling T'Challa out. While T'Challa was confronted by the Collector, Nebula obtained the Embers and freed the Ravagers from their cells.

As T'Challa fought against the Collector, Nebula assisted the Ravagers in escaping from the museum, but they were confronted by the Black Order. Thanos protected his adopted daughter from Proxima Midnight and Cull Obsidian, and Nebula returned to help him by shooting Midnight and killing Obsidian with the Embers. As the Embers started to change the ecosystem of Knowhere, Nebula and the Ravagers escaped and traveled to Earth to meet with T'Challa at the rendezvous point. Nebula and the Ravagers reached Wakanda, where they met T'Challa's family and the Dora Milaje.


  • Nebula referring to T'Challa as "Cha-Cha" was ad-libbed by Karen Gillian when she recorded her lines.
  • She appears to have Gamora's role for being Star-Lord's lover in her reality.


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