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Lady Shiva is a supporting character in DC Superhero Girls.

She is voiced by Tania Gunadi in the English version of the cartoon. She is also known for voicing Sashi Kobayashi from Penn Zero: Part Time Hero.


Lady Shiva is a young lady of Chinese descent. She also black hair in a braided pony tail, with a fair skin complexion and black eyes. Lady Shiva wears a red sleeveless cheongsam with black pants and red boots.


DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High

Lady Shiva appears as a minor character in the film. She is one of the students to fall into Granny Goodness' mind control.

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

Lady Shiva becomes very distrustful about Big Barda when she joined the school after attacking it and being sent to prison for it. Lady Shiva constantly keeps an eye on Barda and accuses her for being behind the strange events taking place in Super Hero High (who is later dismissed by Amanda Waller). When the shadows attack the school, Lady Shiva becomes outnumbered by the shadows and gets help from Big Barda. After that they both became friends, and agreed to spend the holidays together with Supergirl in the farm.

DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games

Lady Shiva is one of the contestants in the Intergalactic Games. She is present in the opening dinner, and gets mad when she hears the Female Furies teasing Big Barda (Whom she befriended deeply, as is show in Barda bedroom, which is full of pictures of both of them).

During the competition, she loses the "hand to hand combat" game against Stompa. When Lena Luthor attacks, she fights the robots army with her teammates.


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