The Lagoon Company is the main protagonist faction in the manga/anime series Black Lagoon. It is a freelancing service group of pirates employed by various criminal organizations to locate and retrieve or smuggle items between them. While not exactly heroic characters (they are, after all, pirates who deal with murder, drug running and grave robbing on a daily basis), they are still much better than most of their enemies, and so are anti-heroes by the standards of the story.

Overview & History

The company is led by Dutch, a former U.S. Navy P.T. boat captain who went AWOL after the end of the Vietnam War (though it has been suggested that Dutch actually lied about this, making the truth behind his past shrouded in mystery). Currently, it is comprised of four members who met under unlikely circumstances and have starkly different backgrounds. Initially, however, the group consisted of only Dtuch and Revy. Later, they took in Benny after Revy rescued him from the FBI and mafia. They ran into Rock after he was taken hostage during their raid of a ship he was on, and he soon joined them after he was declared dead by his former employers.

At the beginning, Revy struggles to cooperate with Rock due to his morals and conservative nature, but as the series progresses, they have grown a strong bond.


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