Lakilester is a Lakitu that appears in the first Paper Mario who comes from the Flower Fields. He calls himself as various names such as "Michael" or "Spike" (or "Jonathan" in the Japanese version) because he dislike his real name. He and Lakilulu originally worked for Huff N. Puff, but defected from the Koopa Troop and became allies with Mario.

He is the eighth (and last) member to join Mario's party.


Paper Mario

In Flower Fields, Mario and his team finds a Lakitu on the way to Cloudy Climb. He introduces himself by his nickname Spike, then attacks. After he is defeated, a female Lakitu named Lakilulu comes and asks Mario not to finish Lakilester. Lakilester is annoyed and asks Lakilulu to call him Spike because it's his new name. Lakilester tells Mario that he is working for Huff N. Puff and asks him why he is trying to save the world. No matter what he answers, Lakilester thinks Mario is cool and joins the party. Lakilester wants to be stronger for his girlfriend, which is similar to Koops in the sequel. By using his field ability, Mario can hop on his cloud and hover over certain surfaces, such as spikes and lava, without getting hurt. Though it is entirely possible to use Lakilester to travel over lava, he visibly struggles while doing so. He moves considerably slower and his cloud's expression changes to an angry frown. However, because Lakilester floats low over the ground, he cannot be used to cross gaps like Parakarry can.


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