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My name is Lakilester... Er, no, it's Michael... No, um... Oh yeah... Spike. Yeah yeah, I'm Spike... Well whatever. Never mind.
~ Lakilester

Lakilester is a Lakitu that appears in the first Paper Mario who comes from the Flower Fields. He calls himself as various names such as "Michael" or "Spike" (or "Jonathan" in the Japanese version) because he dislike his real name. He and Lakilulu originally worked for Huff N. Puff, but defected from the Koopa Troop and became allies with Mario.

He is the eighth (and last) member to join Mario's party.


Lakilester is Mario's final party member who happens to be a Lakitu. He prefers to go by his nickname Spike. He starts out as a member of Bowser's cronies, but joins Mario so that he can shape up for his girlfriend, Lakilulu.


Lakilester can carry Mario across hazardous surfaces, and it also happens to be faster than walking speed. In battle, Lakilester can throw a Spiny Egg at an enemy with Spiny Flip or throw a barrage of them at multiple enemies with Spiny Surge. His Cloud Nine ability can sometimes cause enemy attacks to miss Mario and his Hurricane ability can blow enemies away from battle.



  • Lakilester is similar to Koops and Vivian; with the former case being that they both wanted to be a stronger men for the love of their lives, Lakilulu for Lakilester and Koopie Koo for Koops. The latter case was that both Lakilester and Vivian had been working with the villains before teaming up with Mario, with the former once working for Huff N. Puff, and the latter was among the Shadow Sirens who worked for Sir Grodus before she left to join Mario, due to him being kind to her in contrast to her abusive sisters.
  • Lakilester's name sounds similar to the word "Lackluster", possibly explaining why the character dislikes being referred to by his real name.


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