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Lalo is one of the main characters of Los Casagrandes. He is the big stupid slobbering wet dog of the Casagrande Family. He runs around, acting like an energetic buffoon and pouncing on and licking people because he loves them so much, especially Ronnie Anne, which is why she low key despises him. He is always farting all the time and drooling all over the place, making him a pretty disgusting creature to be around.

He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Relative Chaos: The Loudest Mission", Lalo barked at the street cats that wrecked the apartment and tried to chase them out of there but failed miserably and only got himself attacked.
  • In "Missed Connection", Lalo licked up the spill on the ground in the bodega, helping Bobby clean.
  • In "The Spies Who Loved Me", Lalo licked Frida Puga to wake her up after she fell unconscious.
  • In "Friended!", Lalo stood guard of the apartment and kept an eye on Rosa. When he saw that she was on the move, he barked to alert Sergio so that he could pass the message along to Sid and Ronnie Anne and help them get away with vandalizing Apartment 3A.
  • In "Power Play", Lalo served as an artistic muse for Frida Puga, painting pictures of him in various silly outfits.
  • In "No Show", Lalo and Sergio ran rampant around town with Ronnie Anne, helping her find a TV to watch Adios Ana Adios without her family knowing.
  • In "Operation Dad", Lalo barfed up Ronnie Anne's lost homework into her face.
  • In "Copy Can't", Lalo gave Carlitos a ride.
  • In "Miss Step", Lalo provided emotional support for Ronnie Anne, while she was in a grouchy mood.
  • In "New Roomie", Lalo dressed up like a girl and went to Vito's house to pretend to be his girlfriend and seduce him so that he'd fall in love and find happiness and finally get out of the well of depression he fell into after his real girlfriend dumped him.


  • Like all pets in the show, Lalo is named after a famous cartoonist. In Lalo's case, he's named after Lalo Alcaraz, who created La Cucaracha, the first nationally syndicated Latino newspaper comic strip.