Lampy is one of the main characters in the film The Brave Little Toaster and its direct-to-video sequels.


He is an outgoing desktop lamp with a flexible gooseneck. He used to lives in an old cottage with his friends for years without the Master around. He is one of Toaster's four sidekicks who joins in on a quest to find the Master. He had the ability to light the way, including in the dark forest. During a thunderstorm, he recharge the car battery, which burned out his bulb, and the hanging lamp gives him a new bulb in Parts Shop. He is the only appliance who is clearly literate as he was seen reading a phone book.


  • He is voiced by Tim Stack. Despite being a male, Lampy is voiced by a female in the German (in which, in fact, Lampy is a female because the German word for "lamp," "die Lampe," is feminine), Polish, Serbian, Czech (VHS version only), Russian (TV version only), and Brazilian Portuguese dubs.


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