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I'm Lana and I'm positively magical!
~ Lana

Lana is one of the main protagonists of Hyrule Warriors. She is a white sorceress who is in love with Link and is at the service of good.

She is voiced by Minako Kotobuki, who also voiced her dark half Cia.


Originally Lana was a single being with Cia, forming a powerful sorceress in charge of maintaining the balance of the Triforce. The sorceress was able to observe the different ages by means of her magic. While she observes the ages, she fell in love with the young hero who appeared to dispel the darkness over Hyrule, and in turn this love turned into jealousy towards the Princess Zelda, who is destined to be with the hero. Her jealousy and a glimpse of darkness in her heart gave her the opportunity to darkness, specifically one of the soul parts of Ganondorf, to possess her. As a result, Cia became corrupted and she expelled the light from her heart, thus creating her other half Lana. However, Lana also retained feelings for the hero, Link. Cia, blinded by the darkness of her heart, sends an attack on Hyrule with the idea of taking over the hero, although in reality it was directed by Ganondorf who wanted to recover all the fragments of his soul. Lana in turn arrives at Faron Warriors, where she decided to fight next to the army of Hyrule against the troops of Cia. Later, hoping to find Princess Zelda, the Hyrulean forces arrived at Faron Woods. To her encounter, Lana decides to cooperate with them, although she explains to them her identity saying that she is a magician of the same clan as Cia. Thus the heroes cooperate and save the forest, the fought against Gohma. Then the group arrives at the Valley of the Sorceress, in whose battle Link and Sheik confront Cia, but she is able to steal the Triforce of Courage and the Triforce of Wisdom they possessed. The two fragments added to the power that Cia had, complete the sacred relic, so the dark sorceress uses the Door of Souls to mix the Hyrule of other times with the current, in a space-time chaos. If the sorceress had done such a thing it was for Ganondorf, who wanted to recover her soul sealed by the different ages. The group of heroes decides to close the portals and to do it more effectively, they are divided into groups. Lana decides to go to the Twilight Era. In first stay it arrives at the Plain of the Twilight. In this place full of darkness and monsters she heard a girl crying for help, which she decides to follow. That's when she meets Agitha, a sweet girl who is self-proclaimed as a princess of insects who is surrounded by Bublins. Lana does not hesitate to rescue her, and after doing so, Agitha thanks her and decides to join the battle. Agitha has a special butterfly that can take them to the portal directly. So the two start, but then Midna appears who decides to steal the butterfly. Midna wants to use the butterfly to hit Cia and defeat her, as the dark sorceress had cursed her by changing her form. To recover the butterfly, Lana is forced to fight against the Twilight Princess. Once the defeat and she realizes that they are not enemies, Midna decides to join the cause too. Later, the group travels to the Twilight Palace, in which they defeat Zant and close the corresponding portal. In last stay, Cia returns to appear mocking of the appearance of Midna. The Princess of Twilight falls in the provocation and attacks Cia, destroying her mask and revealing her face identical to Lana's. Cia retires and Lana is forced to reveal her identity. With all the portals closed, the group of heroes meets again. Lana also clarifies her identity to others. Then they decide to go to the Temple of the Sacred Sword, where the weapon that will end with Cia is found: the Master Sword. Lana believes that it is the perfect moment to attack Cia, because her power has diminished because of Ganondorf. However, Impa does not like the idea of removing the Master Sword from the temple, since it also seals an evil. Anyway, Link is made with the sword and later the army of Hyrule marches to the Temple of the Souls, where Cia is located. There Link is forced to fight with several copies of his, but they are not a problem thanks to the help of the other heroes. The final battle against Cia arrives in the Valley of the Sorceress. Cia squeezes her magic power to the point of endangering her life, something that causes concern in Lana, who asks the dark sorceress to stop. Link finally defeats Cia and Lana hurries to her side. While Cia lies dying on the ground she is held by Lana and, before dying, asks why she helped her enemies knowing that she would not be reciprocated by Link. Lana replies that you can not always have the person you want, but unlike her, she can live with it. Thus, Cia vanishes forever with a smile on her face, transferring to Lana the Triforce of Power. After she got the Triforce of Power, she turned around and smiled at her comrades. For its part, the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom go to Link and Zelda, respectively. Lana says a sad goodbye to her friends without answering when will they meet again and peace returns momentarily, because the chaos that caused Cia has completely released the soul of Ganondorf. The King of the Gerudo, accompanied by Zant and Ghirahim, again threatens the kingdom of Hyrule. Once he has conquered the Gerudo Desert, he attacks Lana in the Valley of the Sorceress. During the battle, she cloned herself similar to how Cia does in order to escape to from Ganondorf. Although she tries to escape, Ganondorf manages to defeat her and take away the Triforce of Power. Finally march to the Plain of Hyrule, where it bathes to Link and Zelda, obtaining the rest of the Triforce. Not satisfied, it ends up turning Hyrule Castle into Ganon's tower. In spite of having everything against, the army of Hyrule regroups and march to the Gerudo Desert. There, Lana is cornered by the enemy troops and in an act of desperation summons her allies of the other times, bringing them back. Once they take the desert, they march to Ganon Castle for the final battle. Link faces Ganondorf, defeating him, but Ganondorf uses the Triforce to transform into Ganon. However, Link comes out victorious again. The Triforce returns to its carriers, Link, Zelda and Lana. Using their combined pieces they seal Ganon, bringing peace once and for all to Hyrule. In the farewell, Lana asks Link to return the Master Sword to his temple, and insists that only Link and Zelda should do such a task. Finally, Lana says goodbye to Link and returns to the Valley of Seers.

During the Wind Waker continuation of the story, she is looking for the traces of Cia with a dark orb. However, Phantom Ganon stole the Triforce of power from her. She went to Gerudo desert to close the Gates of Souls. Later, she met Tetra, King Daphnes, and met Link again. She knows Cia's presence and the group searched for Cia. The group finally found Cia in the Temple of Souls. However, Cia's power was draining by a doppelgänger which was Phantom Ganon. At the Wind and Earth Temples, they found and defeated Phantom Ganon. After that, Lana, Cia, and Link returned to Hyrule. They used the power of the Triforce to bring the land back to normal. After the land was back to it's original state, Lana happily waved a final goodbye to Zelda, Link, and Impa. However, Cia was a bit sad while saying goodbye to them. Then, Lana walked happily together with Cia back to the Valley of Seers and both continue their roles as guardians of time and protect the balance of the Triforce in peace and harmony. Finally, both sorceresses in the end moved on from their feelings for Link and watched over the balance of the Triforce.


She is a cheerful, optimistic and cheesy girl, having one of the strongest personalities given to any character related to the world of Zelda. She is very energetic and is willing to give everything in battle. Lana and Cia share a tacit rivalry, something that can be seen throughout history. Her determination to stop Cia is such that she is willing to risk her own life or happiness. She cares about Cia's well being and compared to Cia, she has unrequited feelings for Link but in contrast, she knows that Zelda and Link are fated to be with each other. She and Cia understood that they can't always get the person they have feelings for and both lived with it. She is fiercely loyal to the Hyrulean Forces and refuses act on her own feelings for Link due to his relationship with Zelda.

Power and Abilities


Her optimistic and athletic energy allows her to quickly enter her enemies and attack with her spellbook. Her book gives her knowledge about powerful spells she uses against her enemies. Through them she is able to form magical barriers with very varied results. It is an lightning element weapon and she is able to invoke mystical walls that she can cast, use them to form huge blocks that she uses as a wheel to pass over her enemies, or simply create barriers to sweep her enemies to exploit them. It also has a diverse assortment of other magical spells, including explosions of energy or electrifying shock waves.

Deku Spear

In addition to the sorcery book, she can use the Deku Spear which is a water element weapon. With the spear, she can invoke the Deku Tree and the Deku Tree Sprout to attack the enemies. She can also use it to make water and ice appear to kill enemies and she can even use it as a slingshot to shoot her enemies. She can also use the Deku Blade to create tornadoes that will blow enemies to the ground.

Summoning Gate

It has the fire element and it appears to have portals, blue doors with form of gears of which they leave Cuccos that attacks the enemies, summoning monsters, and Lana can use it to teleport.


Like her other half Cia, Lana can use the power to clone herself in order to confuse Ganondorf.



Like Cia, Lana appears to be hylian girl, but the difference is that she has a lighter complexion, pink lips, long sky blue hair tied into a ponytail on the right side of her hair with fringes on the left with two gems, a sapphire along with a pearl, and she has a navy blue hair clip with white and orange feathers which holds the ponytail, violet eyes like Cia, golden bracelets that have white sleeves with golden stripes that in turn, white bracelets with gold stripes and embedded sapphires and their edges are gold, while on the right side of her neck she wears a white cape with blue and gold edges, she has a silver shoulder pad with golden edges, she also has a necklace that has a sapphire inlaid with iron and gold rings that hang from her necklace with a gold ring with an embedded sapphire with a blue support, with blue braces and blue edges which leaves her shoulders and abdomen exposed, rings on her left hand's fingers, a short skirt which is colored white, blue, and violet with golden stripes, long white stockings, and blue boots with golden stripes with white feathers.

When wearing her Guardian of Time costume, she has lavender hair with a two pointed hat with a blue gem in the middle of the hat. She wears a short white dress with sleeves and feathers, a purple pendant around her neck, a bracelet on her left wrist, lavender stockings with white and lavender shoes.

Her Skull Kid costume has Majora's mask, the Skull Kid's hat, a orange shirt with a green collar, green shorts, a brown circle shaped belt, green fingerless gloves, and orange pointy shoes.

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