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Lance Sterling is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Walter) in the film Spies in Disguise. He is the world's greatest secret agent, who ends up on the run after being framed as the mastermind behind the drone attacks.

He was voiced by Will Smith, who also voiced Oscar in Shark Tale and played Genie in the Aladdin remake which was released on the same year.


Lance has two forms: As a human, he is a fairly tall African-American man with a semi-built physique and bold, thick eyebrows, and his outfit is a black agent tuxedo. His pigeon form has a head covered in blue feathers, and a body with grey feathers; he retains the shape of his eyebrows in this form. Lance, in the movie, is revealed to have a tattoo of the H.T.U.V.'s logo on the left side of his chest.


Lance is smooth, suave and debonair, the opposite of his friend Walter. He handles the espionage with class and grace but he is not much of a people person. In fact, Lance starts out with a massive ego, and fires Walter for incorporating one of his cutesy gadgets into a mission despite it proving to actually be effective in the battle. He also blames Walter for turning him into a pigeon (despite him being the one who took the potion before Walter had a chance to explain what it does), and spends the first half of the movie hating Walter's guts because of it. Because of his status as a pigeon and being framed for a federal crime, he does grow into a humble person, and spending time with Walter caused him to warm up to him and realize that his inventions are useful after all. It's also revealed that a lot of his mannerisms stem from not wanting to see any more good agents die in the line of duty.

Abilities and Powers

  • Skilled Super Spy: Being a highly trained spy, Lance is skilled with various spy-based abilities such as stealth, hand-to-hand combat, and usage of high tech gadgets.
  • Sleepy Night-Night: Lance is able to knock his enemies out cold via a karate chop technique dubbed "sleepy night-night". However, as a pigeon, this is less effective.
  • Pigeon Physiology: After accidentally ingesting one of Walter's experiments and transforming into a pigeon, Lance gains various pigeon traits such as flight, full 360 degree vision, and an urge to eat food from the ground. Lance can also use his beak to cut through various materials; this is evident during the hotel chase where Lance uses his beak to free himself and Walter while tied to a falling pillar. It is shown he has gained the ability to understand them. Later Walter developed a device that allows Lance to switch between his human and Pigeon forms in an instant, significantly increasing his abilities as a spy.


Lance Sterling infiltrates a pagoda in Japan to recover an attack drone from arms dealer Katsu Kimura. He breaks in and engages in a fight with Kimura's buyer Killian, whose cybernetic arm briefly incapacitated Lance before he gets scanned by him; the two were later surrounded by Kimura's men, allowing Killian to escape with the briefcase containing the drone and leaving Lance cornered. He then used one of his gadgets to try and inflict harm on them; to Lance's surprise, the gadget instead sent exploding kitty glitter and it had the Yakuza gang incapacitated in happiness for a while, the agent included. This gave Lance the chance to catch up with Killian escaping in a helicopter and managing to get the briefcase back.

The agent soon returns to the H.T.U.V. headquarters and confront, Walter Beckett (one of the organization's lesser known scientists), for equipping nonlethal weapons into his suit. Walter tries to convince Sterling that there is a more peaceful way to save the world.




  • Lance's attire is a reference to Men In Black, as Will Smith portrays a secret agent wearing a tuxedo.


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