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Landmine was a veteran Autobot soldier, who appeared in Transformers Energon, and was a major character in Transformers Cybertron. He was voiced by Ward Perry in Energon, and Paul Dobson in Cybertron


Landmine was once a simple traffic warden, until the Autobots war with the Decepticons escalated. Over the years, Landmine became an experienced soldier, and would mentor other, younger bots, teaching the art of Metalikato to Optimus Prime, and "practically raising" Mudflap.


Lnadmine was among the Cybertronians who joined Rodimus in leaving Cybertron eons ago. Landmine went with his co-worker and partner, Prowl, a patrol officer, and would become Rodimus' right-hand soldier and personal bodyguard. On their long trek through the universe, Landmine and Rodimus' crew came to Planet Q, and vowed to protect it from harm. However, they were absent from the planet when Unicron devoured it, and failed to uphold their promise. When Rpdimus's crew heard of Alpha Q's return many years later, they rejoined him, after learning that Unicron's power could be used to restore lost planets, Rodimus, Prowl and Landmine dedicated themselves to fulfilling their original promise and helping Alpha Q gather enough energon to recreate his world.  Although Landmine served his commander without question, he was sometimes unsure of their ultimate agenda. Landmine joined Team Optimus when Rodimus surrendered his leadership to Prime.

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When Cybertron came under threat from a mysterious black hole, Landmine was under Optimus Prime's direct command as he oversaw to evacuation to Earth. When the ancient Vector Prime arrived with hope, Starscream attacked as a distraction.  While Starscream managed to beat off several Autobots, Landmine easily counter-attacked the Decepticon second in command, until he backed him into a wall. However, the unstable gravity momentarily distracted Landmine, giving Starscream the opportunity to blast him into the black hole. Fortunately, Vector Prime had sensed Landmine's peril and opened a warp gate.

Landmine travelled through it and crash-landed on Earth, to be found by the human children Lori, Coby and Bud Hansen. Quickly befriending them, they helped repair him, particularly Cody, and he retold what had happened to him. However, Landmine was attacked by Thundercracker, and the damaged Landmine leapt to the defense of the children until Optimus Prime arrived to defeat the Decepticon. The rest of the Autobots then joined up with them. 

Due to still healing from his injuries, Landmine was assigned to oversee the Autobots' new Earth base. Feeling inferior due to not being able to help find the Omega Lock, he eventually set off with Coby to search for an altmode before being fully repaired. Landmine scanned a bulldozer and, despite his injuries, battled Starscream. When Landmine leapt in the way of Starscream's shot at the kids and Mini-Cons, Landine managed to summon a Cyber Kay, and defeated Starscream with his new "Cyber Tempest" power. After Vector Prime disocvered that the Omega Lock they had found was not the real one, at the base, Landmine and Coby quietly talked, and Landmine told him that their friendship made saving Earth just as important as saving Cybertron. 

Landmine accompanied Overhaul, Optimus, and Vector Prime to the British Isles, where their search for the Omega Lock brought them to an ancient druid site. The site proved to be another dead end, and the group was once more attacked by Thundercracker and Starscream. The Decepticons isolated the Prime's from their land-based troops, prompting Landmine to contact Jetfire for back-up. Jetfire was busy with his own another mission, forcing the Autobots to think of alternative means to defeat their opponents. They eventually managed to lure the Decepticons close enough to the ground for Overhaul to get in a few shots, sending the villains fleeing.

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  • Landmine's upgraded form in Energon was treated as a separate character in the US toyline, called Landquake, Landmine's brother. He appeared in Dreamwave's Energon comic.
  • Landmine is the second character to have trained Optimus Prime, the first being Scavenger.



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