Geo Stelar: Is that... Really a Wizard?
Omega-Xis: ... It's definitely not a normal Wizard, I'tell you that. He's different from either me, Taurus, Acid, and Strong...! On top of that... He's really strong!
~ Geo and Omega-Xis talking about Laplace.

Laplace is a minor antagonist turned anti-hero/supporting protagonist in Mega Man Star Force 3. He is a Wizard and the last EM Being from the Le Mu, after the continent Mu fell in to the ocean.



Very little is revealed about Laplace, other than his origins as the last EM Being from Mu.

Mega Man Star Force 3

In the game, Laplace is already Solo's partner. This keeps going all through the game, where Laplace is inseparable from Solo/Rogue, and where he is constantly hauled out toward the start of a fight.

When Geo Stelar, Omega-Xis, Sonia Strumm, and Bud Bison first see Solo, he summons Laplace to destroy the Satella Police Wizards, shown to be a strong Wizard.

Just before Mega Man enters the Black Hole Server, he is stopped by Rogue to a battle to choose who will fight Sirius. It is revealed at that point, by Mega Man, that while Solo rejects all bonds with people, he feels a deep connection to his own culture life and Laplace alongside it. This is the reason why Solo has formed such a close partnership despite regardless of his typical attitude towards people, and proves that he considers Laplace to be much more than just a tool and that Laplace shares Solo's pain and torment.


Laplace never speaks once in the game. However, Solo seems to able to understand the static-like sounds Laplace makes, and judging by Solo's responses, it seems Laplace is something of a smart aleck towards his master and at one point even appeared to be teasing him. Solo's acceptance of this behavior from Laplace, but not from others, would seem to further prove his bonds to his ancestors from Mu, but not to people of the modern world.


  • In Mega Man Star Force 3, if the player equips Humor Word, they will learn that he enjoys deleting Solo's save files from the game Burger Quest as a prank.
  • He is unregistered under Project TC, while Solo is registered as No. 002.


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