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The powerful music of the past, you almost made us forget it. Almost. Today we shall hear it again, the music of the free people. From the singing of our blades through your flesh, to the pounding of our fists into your skull. For the honor of Bladehenge, for the freedom of its people, and for the glory of its METAL!
~ Lars

Lars Halford is the older brother of Lita Halford and the leader of Ironheade, the human resistance against Emperor Doviculus and his army of Demons, the Tainted Coil. He is descended from the last human king.

When Eddie returned, Lars realized that Ophelia was missing. Ophelia later returned, battered and bruised from Razorfire Boars, who attacked her while she was attempting to equip the women that were saved from General Lionwhyte, who is Lars' archenemy. Lars hurried alongside Eddie while carrying Ophelia to the Kill Master, who's healing tune can heal her wounds. However, the Kill Master's guitar strings were too weak to heal Ophelia, so Lars offers to go into the Spider's Lair and obtain larger and stronger strings. Lita tries to stop him, saying that it was too dangerous and that he should let Ophelia go, Lars and Lita then get into a fight about whether or not they should let Ophelia die.Lita disliked Ophelia due to her parent's history in the Black Tear Rebellion, a group of people who gave in to the power of the Sea of Black Tears and were driven insane, but Lars trusted Ophelia and believed in the friendship he had with her. While the two fought, Eddie left to get the web needed to heal Ophelia, later, Eddie returned with the web, and the Kill Master successfully healed Ophelia, who thanked Lars for bringing her to the Kill Master. After Ophelia was healed, Eddie recruited the Kill Master and his men, theThunderhogs. Later Ophelia recruited the women she saved, armed them with weapons, and re-named them the Razor Girls, finally, Lars had an army large enough to save man kind.

His sword is engraved with the Battle Cry tablature. It is suggested that this blade may have been left behind by the legendary hero Riggnarok and its hilt matches the one Riggnarok is seen holding in the Legend telling the story of the Black Tear Rebellion. Lars's sword was actually handed to him by Ophelia's father, who also told him that by owning this sword he becomes the king of the human revolution.