Latamire Munch is the main protagonists in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee.


Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Latamire Munch was the last of the Gabbits, however after hearing what he thought was another Gabbit, he followed the voice only to be abducted by the Vykkers, who implanted a sonar tracking device in his head. After the two Vykkers left, Munch heard the Fuzzles, ask for his help, leading him to free them and took down an Intern. This caused Munch to free as many of the Fuzzles as he could and escape from Vyykers Labs. He later met up with Abe, who worked together to free all the captured Fuzzles and Mudokon slaves until The Almighty Raisin went to give him a message. This lead to Abe and Munch controlling Lulu to open up a charity for himself and caused other Glukkons to donate to it, while also freeing all of the Fuzzles and Mudokons. After Lulu was given the right amount of Moolah, Munch and Abe would go off to follow him. I Munch did not save the right Fuzzles, they would turn on him and Abe, leading to Munch being dissected and making the Gabbit Species extinct. If Munch saved the right amount of Fuzzles, Abe would have possessed Lulu and bought the Gabbiar and Modukun hatchlings, only to head back into the water. In Munch saved all of the Fuzzles, Abe would have possessed Lulu to gain the Gabbiar and Mudokon Hatchling, as well as destroying Vyykers labs, showing Oddworld's second moon, having the Gabbit footprint on it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Swimming: Munch has been shown to be a good swimmer, being that Gabbits are a fish-like species.
  • Sonar Implant: With the Vyykers giving Munch a Sonar Implant, he is able to destroy metal cages that hold the Fuzzles by an electric wave. Activate Machinery with his own thoughts, such as cranes and Snoozers. If given the right drink, this electric wave can also harm Interns, Sligs and Vyykers.


  • Latamire Munch and the Stranger are the only playable characters in the Oddworld series to swim.
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