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381MLatios.png|Mega Latios
381MLatios.png|Mega Latios

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Template:InfoboxLatios is one of the main heroes of the Pokémon movie, Pokèmon Heroes: Latios and Latias. Him, along with his sister, Latias, protect Alto Mare. At the end of the movie, Latios gave his own life to the entire city. He is one of Pokémon's well known heroes. His Mega Evolution looks almost exactly like the Mega Evolution of Latias except Latios keeps his red eyes.

In-game locations

Generation I

Pokemon wasn't available in Gen. I.

Generation II

Pokemon wasn't available in Gen. II.

Generation III

  • Ruby - Roaming Hoenn
  • Sapphire - Southern Island (requires Eon Ticket)
  • FireRed - Trade
  • LeafGreen - Trade
  • Emerald - Roaming Hoenn or Southern Island

Generation IV

  • Diamond - Trade or Poké Transfer
  • Pearl - Trade or Poké Transfer
  • Platinum - Trade or Poké Transfer
  • HeartGold - Pewter City (requires Enigma Stone)
  • SoulSilver - Roaming Kanto

Generation V

  • Black - Trade or Poké Transfer
  • White - Trade or Poké Transfer
  • Black 2 - Dreamyard
  • White 2 - Trade or Poké Transfer

Generation VI

  • X - Trade or Poké Transporter
  • Y - Trade or Poké Transporter
  • Omega Ruby - Southern Island
  • Alpha Sapphire - Southern Island (requires Eon Ticket)

Generation VII

  • Sun - Trade or Poké Transporter
  • Moon - Trade or Poké Transporter
  • Ultra Sun - Ultra Space Wilds (Water World)
  • Ultra Moon - Trade or Poké Transporter


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