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Lauma was a fairy spirit and goddess who left the supernatural spiritual world to experience everything that humans experience. She is the fairy goddess of the sky, earth, nature, destiny and faith.


During her time with the gods Lauma fell in love with the moon god, thunder god and a mortal human in Lithuania mythology. However this love wouldn't last conflict grew with Lauma and her lovers a valuable item was stolen from Lauma by the mortal man that she loved. The high god found out about the stolen item and Lauma being in love with a mortal and had a child with him. The highest god killed Lauma's human lover and her child as punishment Lauma and her followers were banished from the home of the gods. At some point when Lauma was still living with the gods before joining the humans on earth she was captured by the devil at some unknown point and was his prisoner until she finally got free.

Lauma was the spirit of the sky until she decided to come down earth to live with mortals. She wanted to feel love like them, happiness, sadness, joy, suffering and all the things that humans go through. She is the leader the Laume a group of fairies who are named after her because of how they follow her. After coming to earth Lauma become a spirit of the earth and nature.

Lauma and her Laume followers like to take on the forms of many different animals. They have a love for nature and everything apart of it. Because of their love for humans Lauma and the Laumes will go out of their way to help people. They especially like and care for children the most. If a child is abused, abandoned or neglected Lauma or her Laume will take a kid away from their horrible life. They will take orphans as well Lauma and the other fairies will then raise the kids. Another reason why they take children who have had a terrible life is because the Laume wish to have a child of their own. They also hope to raise the stole kid to become better then the adults they have been around. As spirits of the earth Lauma along with the Laumes could make plants grow and as spirits of the sky they had the power over the weather.

Lauma and the Laumes were like fairy godmothers to the children that they raised giving them a better life so the kids don't suffer. While the Laume do care for humans and wish to share the same joys and struggles as mortals. The Laume will not hold back and show no mercy in killing a mother who doesn't care for her child they will also kill men who are unfaithful in love. Laumes will even seek out to marry men just so they can have the same life as a mortal human. While wanting to be just like humans in many ways Laumes will punish humans for doing something wrong. Laumes only want to develop, to have and to see the good qualities and behaviors of mortals. Laume became angry when they see the bad side of humans.

Lauma and all Laumes will help a woman give birth whenever they are around to hear a mother who is having trouble giving birth. Laumes are protective of kids and desires to have what humans got this leads to a few Laumes grow jealous and envious of mortals. Depending on the personality of a Laume some of them will try to steal a baby from their family or steal the love of a man from a wife because they see a woman who has happy life that the Laume wants. However not all Laumes are like this they aren't all driven by envy their are Laumes who are kind, caring, selfless and motherly as well. While some Laumes were motherly figures to kids, others were jealous spirits wanting to have their own kids by stealing them. Some Laumes rather then wanting to have kids decide to punish or kill children if they are bad or to teach a lesson to the parents if they aren't good parents.

While Laumes are known to appear as beautiful women as and take the shapes of animals Laumes will also appear in the form of the elements around them. The goddess Lauma can also take these shapes and forms just like all the other Laume spirits. While Lauma desires to have what humans have she is motherly and protective of children but unlike her followers the Laumes the fairy goddess Lauma never develops a jealous of mortals. Lauma never gets envious of humans but some her fairy followers do. However while Lauma doesn't take part of the some of the acts her Laumes commit and doesn't approve of what they do but she doesn't stop them from committing their actions either. Lauma is one of the earliest deities that came into existence during the Mesolithic period which dates back to the ice age and stone age.



  • In a mobile game known as Jurassic Tribes there is a two headed dragon named after Lauma.