Early life

Laurel was raised in Starling City. Little else is known of her earlier life, but it is implied that she suffered the loss of her father and may not have a sister like her Earth-1 counterpart. At some point prior to 2007 met she met Oliver Queen and the two fell deeply in love. In 2007, Oliver perished in a shipwreck in the Pacific of which his father Robert was the only survivor and Laurel was devastated, and moved to Central City for a fresh start. However Laurel never recovered from Oliver's death and sank into depression and started making a series of bad decisions.

Becoming Black Siren

Around December 2013, Laurel was one of the many Central City residents affected by Harrison Wells' particle accelerator, and gained the power to emit sonic screams powerful enough to kill people within seconds and take down entire buildings.

Following this, she became a criminal named "Black Siren" and was employed into Zoom's army, making "one bad choice after another". She was one of his enforcers in Central City known for demolishing buildings.

At some point she emerged as a high-ranking lieutenant of Zoom, earning enough respect from Hunter that he was willing to converse without a mask. This made Laurel the only known Earth Two individual to be aware of Hunter's identity and his "Jay Garrick" deception.

Working for Zoom

Black Siren destroys Mercuy Labs

Black Siren destroys Mercury Labs.

As part of his plan to conquer Earth-1, Zoom brought over his entire army of meta-humans which included Laurel whom he ordered to attack various buildings at random to lure out the Flash. Laurel also learned of her Earth-1 doppelgänger's Laurel Lance / Black Canary, yet felt little remorse for her recent death. Black Siren first attacked Mercury Labs and leveled the entire building, but no one was harmed as the Flash was able to save everyone inside. Black Siren then leveled a building opposite to the Central City Police Department, though no one was harmed because the Flash was able to save everyone inside yet again.

Next, Black Siren lured out the Flash into the streets to fight him herself. At first Flash mistook her for Black Canary and was shocked to see her, as Black Canary was a friend of his. Flash tried to reason with her but Black Siren simply laughed in amusement and corrected him that she was from Earth-2. Flash tried to give Black Siren a chance to surrender telling her he could easily beat her, but she simply said the same back then attacked him with her scream. Flash was left disorientated and could barely stand and when he finally did Black Siren attacked him with several punches and subdued him yet again. Black Siren began to brag and was about to finish him off but Wally West hit her with a car giving Flash the chance to escape with him, much to Black Siren's annoyance.

Black Siren confronts Flash

Black Siren confronts The Flash.

Black Siren later met up with Hunter at the Central City Police Department precinct, bragging of her fight with Flash but Hunter stated that not even she would be able to beat him and firmly reminded her of her orders. However Black Siren questioned what the point was and Hunter explained that he needed the Flash distracted so that he would not see his real plan coming until it was too late. When Black Siren asked what he was up to Hunter coldly replied "no good", leaving Black Siren visibly disturbed.

Black Siren, as instructed, went to demolish another building but was confronted by "Reverb" and "Killer Frost", much to her confusion as she believed them dead. "Reverb" and "Killer Frost" seemingly made an offer to overthrow Zoom by teaming up together and Black Siren appeared to consider the offer, but was skeptical of their motives. Pretending to agree they prepared to leave but Black Siren tossed a brick to "Reverb". When he caught it with his right hand, Black Siren realized that "Reverb" and "Killer Frost" where actually their Earth One doubles Vibe and Caitlin Snow trying to distract her. As Black Siren tried to kill them, Vibe hit her with a sonic blast, activated subconsciously, and was unable to do so again. Unfazed, Black Siren simply tried to kill them again, but was disoriented and knocked out by a device Harry set up to render all Earth-2 individuals unconscious.

Black Siren imprisoned

Black Siren imprisoned at S.T.A.R. Labs.

After falling unconscious, Black Siren was locked up in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator. When she woke she attempted to get out, though her sonic scream had no effect on the soundproof cell, to which Vibe mocked her. Caitlin considered telling Sara and Quentin, the sister and father of her deceased Earth One counterpart, about Earth Two Laurel, but Barry voted against the idea, not wanting to ruin their memory of the Laurel they knew.

Working for Prometheus

In December 2016, Black Siren was broken out of imprisonment by Prometheus and began working with him. Whether it is by intimiadation or willingness is left ambiguous, though Prometheus later attempt to kill her suggests it is the former. Reluctantly she agrees and sends her to Star City to impersonate her Earth-1 counterpart, which she found highly irritating. Prior to being sent Prometheus told her all of the information that he had collected on Oliver and his allies.

After Oliver returned to the Arrowcave, grief stricken from having recently killed Billy Malone by accident, Laurel was standing there waiting for him and said: "Hi, Ollie". This left Oliver stunned as he believed she was Earth-1 Laurel. Laurel claimed to have been teleported away before she bled out by Sara onto the Waverider, where they fix her wounds and was transported to Oliver's present. After they hugged Felicity soon entered the room and was stunned to see her and they hugged. Though Laurel claimed Sara found a way to bring people back without altering the timeline, Felicity was skeptical. After calling Thea to tell her she was "back" Oliver held a toast for Laurel with Felicity, Rene Remeriez / Wold Dog, Rory Regan / Ragman and Curtis Holt / Mr. Teriffic. While serving drinks, however, Laurel almost took the wine instead of the club soda, as Earth-1 Laurel was an alcoholic, which Felicity immediately picked up on, and Oliver toasted to her "return".

Earth-2 Laurel in Arrowcave

Laurel greets Oliver pretending to be her Earth-1 counterpart.

Later Laurel came back to the Arrowcave as Felicity had figured out she was the Earth-2 Laurel and attacked her and Rory, expressing relief that she can stop playing "weak, vulnerable Laurel", but before she could finish off Felicity, Oliver returned and attacked her. Laurel then screamed at him and vanished. Black Siren later met with Prometheus who expressed disappointment at her failure to maintain her cover. When she began questioning his motives he tackled her to the ground chocking her and keeping his hand on her throat to keep her from screaming, reminded her that her life depends on following his orders and not questioning them. Black Siren then called Oliver and apologized for deceiving him but told him that Prometheus made her, and offered to help him take him down. While meeting at the Black Canary statue Green Arrow accused her of lying, as S.T.A.R. Labs told him that she would help Prometheus regardless. However as Black Siren offered a means to track and tried to help him. Ragman, Wild Dog, and Mr. Terrific attacked her under Felicity's orders and she attacked all of them at once, destroying the statue in the process, but was subdued by one of Oliver's tranquilizer arrows.

Placed in the Arrowcave's meta-human cell Black Siren stressed to Oliver that Prometheus is forcing her to aid him but realized he did not trust her and told him about her Oliver's fate and how she became a meta-human and the bad choices she made because of it. Beginning to take pity on her Oliver offered her redemption by telling him what she knew about Prometheus, promising to keep her safe if she does. She seems open to the idea but we never get to find out if she would have helped because Felicity comes to visit. Felicity claims to come to give Black Siren a glass of water and Black Siren mockingly asked how she and Oliver broke up, and if Felicity had a sister, knowing about Oliver's affair with Sara. Unlike Oliver, however, Felicity did not see any hope of redemption for her and suddenly the power went out and Black Siren escaped her cell. We later learn Felicity set the whole thing up and the water had tracking particles in it. She later met up with Prometheus and the two of them attacked Team Arrow but before she could kill Felicity, Green Arrow tried to reason with Black Siren begging her to rethink what she is about to do. Despite appearing to hesitate she ultimately tries to kill her anyway but Green Arrow saves her, as Mr. Terrific uses a device to dampen her powers and Felicity punches her. Black Siren is then taken into A.R.G.U.S. custody but Oliver still hopes that she can find redemption one day.

Eventually, Black Siren is freed by Prometheus once more to assist him in his new plan. Together with Evelyn Sharp, she kidnaps Quentin Lance and Thea Queen, fooling Quentin by pretending to be his daughter. However, it is revealed that Black Siren seems to have doubts about working with Prometheus and that she seems to have genuine affection for Quentin as she made Adrian promise to not to hurt him. She delivers them both to Prometheus nonetheless and together with Prometheus, his team and their hostages, Black Siren makes for Lian Yu where they await Oliver's arrival.

Black Siren escorted Quentin and Diggle to their prison in the Monastery, which already held Rene Ramirez and Dinah Drake. Black Siren later took Oliver thereafter "his capture" at the hands of Slade Wilson. Laurel remained the last standing member of Prometheus' team besides Chase himself and led his followers into the final battle against Team Arrow. Laurel fought against Dinah Drake, her Earth-1's successor as the Black Canary and two were evenly matched in combat. They both then used their sonic cries against each other and were both thrown back. Black Siren's scream appears to be more powerful than Dinah's, and as she victoriously walked towards her, she tauntingly asked if she really thought that she could replace her as the Black Canary. She was last seen just about to kill Dinah before Quentin knocked her out. Dinah tells him that he did not have to do that, but he remarks that he did for so many reasons. Laurel is left on the island as it explodes.

Allying with Cayden James and Richard Diaz

5 months after Lian Yu, Laurel returns to Star City and immediately attacks the Star City Police Department, destroying it with her own mercenaries. She and her group are later attacked by Team Arrow on the bridge in which a fight begins between Black Siren and Black Canary, the two are evenly matched at first but soon Laurel shows that she is a superior fighter and disarms Dinah Drake, before knocking her and Quentin out.

Team Arrow believes that she plans to attack the police benefit in order to get revenge on Quentin, so they plan a trap for her; however, Laurel attacks the lightly defended Arrowcave, she has her men set some bombs and specifically has one set on her doppelgänger's suit. Laurel and her group are then attacked by Team Arrow who have finally arrived and she and Dinah fights again, but once again Laurel is able to escape before being confronted by Quentin at gunpoint. The two converse in which Laurel guilts Quentin to lowering his gun before admitting that she would have done the same thing on Lian Yu as he did. It is later revealed that she had in fact stolen one of Curtis' prototype T-Spheres.

Weeks later Laurel begins killing three seemingly unimportant individuals, Jackson Klimavich, Veronica Medina and Jenny Johnson; as Team Arrow is unable to anticipate her, Curtis develop a system to track her when she uses her sonic scream, tracing her in the abandoned facility of Helix in the very same moment in which Felicity and Alena break into it; there she is revealed to be working for Cayden James, who tasks his men to kill both the hackers; however, Team Arrow intervenes and a fight ensures driving Laurel, James and their party to escape.

Later Felicity discovers that Laurel's victims are undercover agents of the International Domain Name Directory (IDND) the global internet infrastructure, and she has stolen their fingerprints in order to enter it. Believing that James intends to destroy the internet, Team Arrow attacks his party at the International Domain Name Directory vault, where Felicity manages to breach through the firewall to stop James' apparent attack while Laurel fights Diggle managing to escape and later being provided by James with a device to stop Curtis' tracking system.

After Oliver is arrested by FBI agent Samandra Watson, Laurel and Cayden James planted a bomb under Starling Stadium during a concert of Billy Joel, however as Oliver's trial is delayed, he suits up as the Green Arrow once again (having discovered about Diggle's injuries) and tried to stop them only to discover that the bomb is fake, as well as the cops guarding the stadium; so after having recorded footages of Team Arrow beating up a group of cops in order to persuade the citizens of Star City to vote "yes" at the anti-vigilante referendum, James and Laurel escape.

Laurel is later sent by Cayden James to capture Quentin Lance, who was at the time being accompanied home by Thea. Quentin is easily taken but not before he witnesses Thea being knocked unconscious after a scuffle with Laurel. Thea wakes to find Laurel has left her a phone with which Oliver receives instructions in exchange for Quentin's safe return. A later conversation reveals that Laurel is still bitter over being shot on Lian Yu. When Quentin asks about his doppelgänger, Laurel tells him that her father died in a car accident while retrieving a cake for her thirteenth birthday. This makes Quentin reveal that he did the same thing for his daughter, which brings Laurel to tears.

Soon after learning Oliver has betrayed him, Cayden gives Laurel the order to kill Quentin, which is delayed by her discovery of Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific nearby. Fleeing with Quentin, she spares his life, telling him to "run", shocking Quentin. Green Arrow eventually catches up with the two, however, Laurel is able to create a distraction, using her sonic scream to bring down overhead pipes between them, and escape into the night.

After watching Team Arrow implode, it is revealed that Laurel had planted a hidden camera in the Arrowcave during her initial attack and Cayden had been watching and gathering intel on the team the entire time thus revealing how he has been one step ahead of Team Arrow. Soon it is shown that Laurel is not the only person working with Cayden as Vincent Sobel/Vigilante, Anatoly Knyazev and Ricardo Diaz/Dragon all reveal themselves to be part of a larger teamup than originally thought.

Some days later, Laurel, Cayden, and Diaz break into Jerry Bertinelli's office in order to threaten him and force him to give them control of the port. Later, they are tracked by Green Arrow into a liar and taken by surprise; during the ensuing fight that she has prevented from using her powers due to a trick arrow that tightens her throat but is quickly freed due to the intervention of Anatoly's Bratva, Diaz's men and Vigilante. Although she suggests to kill him, Cayden eventually says to let Green Arrow go.

As the next night Bertinelli and Green Arrow set a trap for Cayden's criminal cabal, attracting them to the port, Laurel fights the Emerald Archer together with her allies until he managed to set an explosion and use it to escape, then she watched as Diaz kills Bertinelli under Cayden's order giving them full control over the port.

Shaken by her speech with him, Laurel started to stalk Quentin in secret, hiding every single time he look back; however the man discover it and, with the help of Thea, eventually managed to attract her to an abandoned warehouse where he attempted to reach to her showing her some tapes and pictures of "his Laurel", stating that he sees his daughter in her and believes that deep down she has her same good heart. Upset, Laurel denies everything by declaring "she is not like that" and emits a sonic scream in panic just before escaping.

Later she joins Cayden James as he sets a trap for Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific, and Black Canary using Vincent Sobel, who has been identified as a traitor, as bait. After setting up an explosion and detaining Canary under some rubble, James cruelly orders Laurel to execute the traitor and, despite hesitating at first, under the pressure of proving her loyalty to the cabal, she sonic screams into Vincent's ear until his regenerative powers are exhausted and his brain collapses. Afterwards, she and James left the scene though for the first time Laurel showed remorse for killing someone.

When Cayden revealed that he planned to release the bomb, he informed Laurel, Diaz and Anatoly that he has planned for a helicopter to arrive to take them away from Star City, however Diaz does not believe this and intends to leave his own way, Laurel agrees and goes to her secret stash, which included a photo of her doppelgänger and Quentin, but she was unable to leave as Dinah Drake caught up and fight to her in order to avenge Vincent but Quentin soon arrived to stop their battle.Laurel mocks Dinah Laurel mocks Dinah.

Dinah did not care and used her cry on Quentin before Laurel could retaliate she was taken down with a trick arrow by Oliver and held at gunpoint by Diggle. After Cayden discovered that either Laurel or another member of the Cabal killed his son, he arranged a deal with Oliver to bring them all to him. Dinah refused to leave Laurel alone and Quentin refused to leave Dinah alone with Laurel; as Dinah placed a dampener on Laurel, she mocked her talking about how she killed Vincent. Laurel confronts Cayden James

When Oliver and the team captured the other members of the Cabal, Quentin and Dinah brought Laurel to the meeting, there Quentin and Laurel talked and she stated that the only way to survive is to be cruel, explaining that the reason why Laurel is dead is her naivety. Then Laurel is brought to Cayden along with the others and he demanded the one who ordered the murder of his son to come forward; Laurel revealed she did it but Cayden slaps her and told her he knew she did not, revealing to everyone how she hesitated in killing Vincent. Unknown to everyone else, the bomb detonator caused her collar to malfunction allowing her to use her powers again, so she used it on Cayden before having the dampener destroyed and then using it on everyone else. She attempted to escape but was stopped by Dinah, the two brawled until Quentin arrived trying to stop the fight but Dinah disarmed him and shot at Laurel who fired her cry at her knocking her out, a moment before falling unconscious due to the bullet wound. Laurel woke up handcuffed in Quentin's car.

Quentin though saved her life and patched up her wound before taking her to his car and handcuffing her so she could not escape, when Laurel woke up and discovered her predicament, Quentin told her that he was planning to find the small piece of his Laurel inside her, knowing that what she stated was a lie and that the revelation that she hesitated to kill Vincent means there is still hope for her.

Shifting Alliances and Redemption

Quentin took Laurel to a secure cabin in the woods in order to allow her to heal and convince her that she can be a better person, Laurel lets herself be persuaded and told about her counterpart from Quentin to see how much she really had in common with her. After Thea found out about it, Laurel told her to contact Oliver in order to make a deal; she will return the city's money stolen by Cayden James (which she previously withdrew from his offshore account in Corto Maltese) if they get her out of the country; Oliver accepted and Quentin offered to accompany her and help her start a new life, convinced that the presence of someone supporting her would change Laurel for the better. As Curtis, Rene and Dinah arrived at the cabin ensuring a fight between the two teams, Quentin tried to take Laurel away but is soon intercepted, brutally attacked and quickly knocked out by Dinah, who later rages on the still convalescent and weakened Laurel, failing to kill her only thanks to the intervention of Curtis who talks Dinah out of it, allowing Laurel to get enough time to incapacitate them both with her own sonic scream and escape.

Later that night, at the edge of the city, Laurel begged a van driver to help her, telling him that she has just escaped after being kidnapped for 2 years and introducing herself as "Laurel Lance".

Brought back to the city, Laurel revealed herself to the public (pretending to be her late Earth One counterpart) and stated to the press that her death was faked by H.I.V.E., and that she had been tortured by the organization for the last 2 years; then she proceeded to hug the newly arrived Oliver and Quentin out of (fake) joy. As the public is now convinced that (Earth One) Laurel is alive, Oliver, Thea and Quentin questioned Laurel over her charade and she revealed the reason of her deed was out of self-preservation in order to protect herself from the person who killed Cayden; as she is fully aware that her late doppelgänger was an important public figure, which will make it difficult for anyone to kill her.

After she revealed to them that the money stolen from the city are mysteriously disappeared, they choose to support her cover story to the public. Laurel was then brought to Starling General Hospital for a check-up but, after Quentin visited her to take her to his home, she was abducted by Diaz's men and brought in front of Anatoly and Diaz himself, who told her not to worry about Dinah Drake and that he has a plan to take over Star City. After that, she returned to Quentin Lance's apartment and contact Oliver, Quentin, Thea and Dinah revealing to them the location of Diaz and his mission; albeit initially reluctant to trust her, they finally choose to go and managed to free Roy Harper. Later that night, Oliver went to thank Laurel, who claimed she cannot change who she is, but she will try to be good, if he gave her the space to do so, despite not being pleased about her portray his Laurel, Oliver agrees but, right after he leaves, Laurel received a message from Diaz, complimenting for her good job, and smiled; implying that she is working with him.

Except occasionally cooking, Laurel spent the next week sitting on the couch and watching TV, after Quentin refused her offer to "help with the Diaz problem" he suggested her to go outside and get some sun or try to find a job, but she answered she never had a real one and wondered how her counterpart get to attend law school, which led Quentin to brought to her his Laurel's old schoolbooks, that she started to read.That night, Laurel is visited by Ricardo Diaz, who brought her a takeaway dinner telling her that she did not have to study law as people like them "make the law" and that she does not need to change in order to "impress her old man" like he did when he was younger.

Later, after former district attorney Sam Armand and former police captain Kimberly Hill accused mayor Oliver Queen to obstructing the justice as he fired them both (actually because he discovered they were on Diaz's payroll), Laurel watched the news in Diaz's hideout alongside him, he complimented to her for the idea and then showed the last champion of Vertigo after Team Arrow's raid to the core of his drug operation, which led Laurel to kiss Diaz.

The morning after a Vertigo-drugged Oliver busted into SCPD central in order to fight Diaz and his crooked cops but managed to escape, Black Siren reached Diaz at the station while his men were cleaning, asking him why he did not just kill Oliver, Diaz replied that he "is more dangerous as a martyr than as Green Arrow" and that their next move would be to spread the word that Star City is now "open for business".

About a week later Black Siren accompained Diaz to Blüdhaven in order to meet Eric Cartier, the son of an influential member of The Quadrant. Diaz proposed to Cartier to use Star City as a place to run the Quadrant's business in exchange for having a seat at the table of the organization, however Cartier asked him to found Robert Baylor, an agent of his organization who was caught by the FBI, in order to show them if he can able to operate at their level. In less than a day Diaz found the man discovering he was working with the federals and, as Laurel demonstrated to be skeptical about his excessive concessions to the Quadrant, he reminds her that once he has won a place in the organization he will have an empire. After Diaz gave the information on Baylor to Cartier, however, he required to him and Black Siren to get him in order to interrogate him and founding out what did he tell to the Justice Department. Hoping to get a meeting with Cartier, Sr., Diaz does as he was asked but, right after extracting him from the FBI's safehouse, both Diaz and Baylor were shot by one of Cartier's man. Having survived thanks to a bulletproof vest, Diaz went back to Cartier's nightclub and defeated all of his men alongside Black Siren, who had actually suggested to forget the plan and come back to Star City. Later Diaz tortured Cartier and, after the latter revealed he and his father never talked about him to the Quadrant because he was "a nobody" and they wanted to take Star City from his hands, Diaz beat Cartier to a pulp and order him to take it to the place where the Quadrant meetings are held.

While they were driving to the place, Laurel asked Diaz if what happened with his childhood bully, Jesse, still tormented him and he responded that it does, because he was right and he was "a loser", when she tried to cheer him up saying he was not it anymore, he told her about how he named his fear "The Dragon" and for years was everything he had but if he managed to become a member of The Quadrant he would get the enough power to not having anyone against him. Laurel paragoned him to Zoom because of the hate they held inside them. Arrived at the Quadrant's headquarter, Villa Centanni, Diaz and Laurel broke inside using Cartier as a human bomb and slaughtering dozens of their men with their bare hands and some gunshots making their way to the hall where the four leaders of the Quadrant met. Once again Diaz proposed to gave them Star City in exchange for a place in the organization and, as one of the member declared there are no free chairs at their table and Remy Cartier called him a "street suck" and a "loser", Diaz shot him in the head freeing a chair and getting welcomed into the Quadrant.

That night, Diaz went to Jesse Federico's house and kidnapped him, bringing him on a rooftop over his city where Laurel was waiting for him and, after having shown to him the last fragment of his father's picture that he had kept for over 32 years, ignoring Laurel's pleas not to do it, cruelly setting him on fire stating that he "is not a loser anymore".

After that, Laurel began to avoid meeting Diaz, until he summoned her personally in order to announce to her that the new mayor, Quentin, needed to be persuaded in respecting some "ground rules", and that she needed to set a meeting between them. Though reticent, she did as ordered and took Quentin to their favorite Chinese restaurant, confessing that she was sorry as Diaz entered revealing the relationship between them and telling him to sign a few documents to privately sell some municipal property. Later that night, Laurel confronted Quentin in his office in order to convince him to sign that papers, however Quentin, disgusted that she was working with a criminal like Diaz yelled at her to stop pretending she cared about him, telling her she's worse than Diaz himself and orders her to get out of his apartment before he could came back that night.

A sad and surprisingly upset Laurel stepped out of the room on the verge of tears and prepared to do what she was requested, but before she could leave the apartment, Quentin reached her apologizing for what he had said, and revealing her that he understand what it mean to "do bad thing for good reasons" as he worked for Damien Darhk in order to protect his Laurel. Quentin showed her that he had signed the documents and declared that he wanted to help her escape from Diaz, so they both promise to protect each other. Later, after she brought the papers to Diaz, Laurel watched as he has Oliver arrested by revoking his parole and anticipating his trial at the following week, on May 3.

A few hours before the trial, Laurel was asked by Bethany Snow if she, as the Black Canary, knew the Green Arrow's real identity, which she responded that she does and that would reveal it only in the court. Later, she was summoned by Diaz, who threatened her to testify against Oliver during the trial, revealing he is the Green Arrow in order to have him sentenced for life or else he would have killed her; however, having found the courage to stand-up against the crime lord after an heart-to-heart talk with Quentin, and since Christopher Chance/Human Target had previously broke into the courtroom disguised as Tommy Merlyn revealing he's the Green Arrow before escaping, Laurel chose to testify that Tommy is the vigilante, betraying Diaz much to Oliver's shock. When asked what made her change her mind, Laurel told Quentin he did and that the first step to standing up to Diaz is standing up to him. Quentin advised her to leave town, but she told him that she knew what to do. That night, Laurel confronted Diaz at the docks, at first managing to overpower him and his men but ultimately being subdued as he used a power-dampening device to suppress her sonic scream, before taking her captive and telling her that his new plan is to kill Oliver and everyone he cares about, much to her horror.

After Oliver made a deal with the FBI to help him liberate the city, Diaz called Quentin threatening him to remove the FBI or else he would kill Laurel. After meeting, Diaz took Quentin and held him in the same cell as Laurel (who was now wearing a power-dampening collar), telling him that he only promised to give him proof of life before leaving. Diaz later returned as Team Arrow and the FBI were moving in on him, telling Quentin he was gonna shoot Laurel in front of him if he did not comply to his terms. Laurel told Quentin not to comply to him and not let Diaz have the city, daring Diaz to shoot her believing he was bluffing. After giving Quentin five seconds, Diaz attempted to shoot her, with Quentin jumping in front of her and taking a bullet to the abdomen. Stunned, Laurel attempted to tearfully comfort Quentin, and when Diaz began to mock them, telling her he shot him where he did as a mercy so he would not bleed out yet so she can get him to call the FBI and tell them to leave the city, Laurel angrily told Diaz she was gonna kill him. As Diaz was about to shoot Laurel in front of Quentin, Oliver and the FBI arrived, forcing Diaz to flee. He came up and found Laurel with an injured Quentin and Dinah told Oliver to go get Diaz, so he shot the lock off the cage where they were held captive and Dinah arrived shortly after as Laurel tended to Quentin.

Laurel stood up to Dinah, believing she was going to attempt to kill her again, only to be stunned when Dinah instead freed her from her collar. The two carried Quentin out of the building to safety, using their sonic screams to fend off Diaz's men along the way and Dinah handed Laurel a gun. After getting Quentin to the paramedics, Laurel headed back into the building and went to the rooftop where Oliver had nearly subdued Diaz. Diaz dared Oliver to kill him, as it was the only way to truly defeat him and knew Oliver would not. Knowing Oliver would not kill him, Laurel told him that Diaz was right that he would have to kill him to beat him before blasting Diaz off the roof with her sonic scream into a river below in an attempt to kill him herself, frustrating Oliver as he knew Diaz would survive the fall and angrily scolded Laurel, who in turn told him that she had to end it and when Oliver (knowing that he would likely survive the fall) sarcastically asked her if she would think that the fall would kill him, she coldy stated she could only hope.

Oliver and Laurel then headed to the hospital to see Quentin, with Oliver going in to speak with him where during a conversation, finally accepted Laurel as Quentin's daughter (after denying it to him multiple times before). Laurel waited outside the room and called Quentin's other daughter and her deceased doppelgänger's sister Sara Lance, who arrived and seemed fairly amazed to see her deceased sister's face again on her doppelgänger. Laurel thanked her for coming, believing it was only right for Quentin's daughter to be there. Sara thanked her for calling her, and Laurel asked if it was strange for her to see her, which Sara responded that it was a little. Sara then asked if she was anything like her Laurel, which Laurel replied she hardly was at all, visibly disappointed at herself. Sara and her later walked over to Team Arrow and witnessed the FBI arresting Oliver, to Sara's confusion as he explained his deal to enlist their help from liberating the city from Diaz also involved him turning himself in in exchange for immunity for the rest of Team Arrow.

The doctor approached them, and when Oliver asked how Quentin was, she told them he had seized during surgery and died as his brain was deprived of oxygen for 7 minutes, leaving Laurel, Oliver, Sara, Dinah, and the rest of Team Arrow devastated as the FBI took Oliver away, who told all of them to take care of each other. As a grieving Sara hugged Felicity, Laurel turned away visibly teary-eyed and heartbroken by both Quentin's death and potentially Oliver being taken away as a well. Later as Oliver (under the direction of the FBI) revealed his identity as the Green Arrow to the rest of the world and called on his friends and allies to keep fighting to save the city, Sara and Laurel cried and mourned together as they stood over Quentin's body.

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