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Lay Glanzudlii is a major character in the 2018 Japanese fantasy light novel series The Misfit of Demon King Academy, as well as its manga & anime television series adaptations. He made his debut in the Magic Sword Tournament Arc as the arc's deuteragonist and can be considered the series' secondary male character.

In his previous life, Lay was the Legendary Hero Kanon who protected the human kingdom Azeshion from the threat posed by the demon race. Kanon was the arch-nemesis of the Demon King of Tyranny Anos Voldigoad. Eventually, Voldigoad and Kanon worked together to usher in an era of peace to the realms of the world.

Sometime later, Kanon was killed. Two thousand years after the time of Kanon and Voldigoad, Kanon was reincarnated as a pure-blooded demon named Lay Glanzudlii. Lay naturally inherited the immense power exhibited by Kanon, although he showed no signs of being capable of using magic like he had before.

As a demon, Lay enrolled in the Demon King Academy Delzogade, an elite educational institution dedicated to the cultivation of Demon Lords. There he met the reincarnation of Anos Voldigoad, who was going by the same name as before. The two became fast friends and rivals, partially because they were the only ones who could provide a challenge for each other.

Lay is voiced by Takuma Terashima in the Japanese version of the anime adaptation.


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