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Lazry is a minor protagonist in Dragalia Lost. She is first introduced in the facility event "Flames of Reflection" where she is established as the rival of the blacksmith sisters, making her the main antagonist of said event. Despite this, she is by no means a villain, and her rivalry with the sisters is established to be a friendly one.


As a Rokkan, Lazry has a pair of horns sprouting from her head. She has grey hair, and wears a traditional blacksmith uniform.

Upon becoming playable, she dons a mechanical arm and wields a giant ax.


A rokkan blacksmith passionate about her craft. Inside her workshop in a human town, she plied her trade alone, but her contact with the blacksmith sisters and others has helped her to reach new heights as a smith.


Flames of Reflection

With the Blacksmith sister having gotten settled at the Halidom, they soon find out that the Golden Anvil Competition is about to start. They tell Euden how their family always entered and how often they competed with a rokkan blacksmith named Lazry.

The sisters decide to visit Lazry upon signing up. There, they witness Lazry's skills as a blacksmith. Seeing Lazry put together a great weapon, the three sisters begin to wonder if they have a chance at beating her. With some training from a dragon named Arctos, the sisters gain the skills needed to win the competition. Lazry, impressed with the sisters' talents, lets them know that she will be working on upping her game for the next competition and expects them to continue improving as well.

Lazry's Adventurer Story

With another Golden Anvil Competition coming up, Lazry gets to work on her smithing skills with intent on beating the Blacksmith sisters. During her time though, she is captured by the Dyrenell Empire along with some other blacksmiths. There, she finds out the Empire was kidnapping blacksmiths to force them to make weapons for the empire. With the help of a fellow blacksmith, Lazry manages to escape.

Determined to stop the empire's plans and save the other blacksmiths, Lazry builds a mechanical arm for her to use in combat. However, she alerts the sisters of what the empire is doing, prompting the sisters to aid her in saving the other blacksmiths.

After freeing the blacksmiths and putting an end to the kidnapping, Lazry and the sisters get ready to go back to their preparations for the competition only to be informs that it would be cancelled due to the recent events and worry of it happening again. From there, Lazry and the sisters suggest the competition take place in the Halidom. After reaching an agreement, all blacksmiths get to work for the latest competition.


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