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None of your business.
~ Leah

Leah is a Grymp and the deuteragonist of the 2015 film All Creatures Big and Small (Originally titled Oops! Noah is Gone... and titled Two by Two in the UK) and Oops! The Adventure Continues. She was originally on Noah's Ark until she accidentally found herself stranded on an islet with another youngster named Finny as the Flood progressed, forcing the two children to help each other survive.

She is voiced by Ava Connolly.


Leah is a Grymp, a wolf-like creature that is strong and powerful. During her and her mother Hazel's experience to gain access to the Ark, she and Finny the Nestrian are accidentally left behind to experience the flood up close. Now, she and Finny have to team up to both get on the ark.


Like her mother, She initialy acts very serious and takes things too seriously, while being very antisocial towards other creatures, although she seemed to enjoy the idea of other Grymps being on the ark. She doesn't trust Finny until he save her from falling to her death. She didn't appreciate Finny's naive and overly kind nature at all either, ignoring him on several occasions or pushing him around a few times.

Slowly, Leah managed to come out of her shell and ended up becoming much more than an always aggressive and sticky Grymp. She softens as a result, becoming more friendly, compassionate and kindgenuinely, even accepting Finny as her best friend.

In the sequel, Leah's personality has remained the same as at the end of the original film but is still just as mischievous and thrill-loving. She also stopped being always hostile to the first new person she met.


Leah is almost completely identical to her mother, despite changes to their size, body posture, and eye color. She is dark grey colored with brown stripes around her body and a vanilla covered underbelly. She has a black nose snout, green eyes, and her ears have a dark orange inside.

In the sequel, Leah has aged slightly in terms of appearance, now being a little bigger, having more fur around her neck, and looking more like her mother.


Oops! Noah is Gone...

Leah is present with her mother at the animal gatherings and when she notices Finny waving to her, she turns her head in indifference. The next day after Leah and Hazel are admitted to the ark, the Grymps line up to board, Leah hoping to see other Grymps on board but her mother doesn't approve because according to her the Grymps don't need company. The next moment, Finny and Dave walk past all the other animals in their Grymps disguises only to find themselves in front of Leah and Hazel, posing as family members. Leah approaches Finny and feels insulted when the little Nestrian unwittingly implies that she looks like his homemade costume. The now quartet is then accepted on board without anyone except the real Grymps understanding the scam.

Shortly after settling into the travel cabin, Leah slips away to the deck so she can see the deluge with her own eyes, followed by an intrigued Finny whose presence only infuriates her. The exit for outside blocked by the two gorillas, Leah voluntarily dropped the load to make the primates leave, also winning to be reprimanded by Finny for having almost injured someone, which Leah laughs while calling the Nestrian a fearful. The two kids are quickly surprised by the male gorilla, triggering a chase to the construction platforms. Leah gets defensive as the more fearful Finny suggests employing pity, only for Leah to push him down stating that if he wants to run away, she won't because the Grymps ignore fear. She growls at the gorilla who flees but in reality it is because the deluge is about to arrive. Finny panics but Leah reassures him that they are on the ark, only to realize too late that they are no longer there when the flood washes the ark away and the platforms collapse. The kids are grabbed by the Griffins who attempt to eat them but Finny's blue gas stuns the male while Leah bites the female, allowing them to escape into the wild.

Left to her own devices and the water level continuing to rise, Leah refuses to continue the journey with Finny, still blinded by her Grymp pride. As night falls and it rains, Leah ends up soaking when her leaf roof finally caves in on her, reluctantly prompting her to take refuge in the cabin Finny made. She first finds that Finny glowing in the dark is not a good thing as it can attract enemies and then criticizes the usefulness of putting in so much building effort for just one night.

The next day, the hut is almost entirely under water. They narrowly escape another attack from the Griffins and encounter two creatures left behind by the Ark, Obesey and Stayput. Now supporting two other overly talkative and enthusiastic guys like Finny, Leah is forced to make it part of the way to the top while avoiding the traps of the Griffins and despite several mishaps and disagreements, she ends up becoming more friendly with the other three, especially with Finny. Taking refuge in a cave, the group barely avoids the rising waters but Finny and Leah fall into the Griffins' nest. Before the two kids are devoured by the treacherous flying predators, Obesey and Strayput literally fall on top of the Griffins and appear to drown, leaving Leah and Finny alone again.

The duo eventually find themselves trapped on an iceberg once the land was previously under the waves. Finny loses hope but Leah assures him that everything will be fine, even giving him a tender hug for the first time. Suddenly, the Ark reappears on the horizon, having been hijacked by Dave and Hazel. Unfortunately, the boat comes too close and nearly crushes Leah and Finny, with the former managing to get back on board and reunite with her mother as Finny falls into the water. The Grymps and Dave try to save Finny only to be attacked by Griffins who can breathe underwater. However, an Obesey turning out to be a whale swallows the Griffins at the last second. The quartet then goes back into the ark, each parent reuniting with their respective child and the Nestrians now knowing that they can also breathe underwater.

Oops! The Adventure Continues...

Leah is first seen during the lion's speech about the dove who should find a land to live in. She briefly plays with Finny blowing on a feather of the dove only for their parents to scold them with a glare so that they stop making noise but an elephant sniffs the feather, causing a chain of animal disaster.

Leah later builds a hang glider for fun although Finny thinks it is a bad idea although the Grymp is sure there will be no problem. The two kids throw themselves from the top of the captain's cabin and are quietly carried through the air until they lose control when the bar breaks, sending them crashing into the cafeteria and spilling food in the animal faces.

Tired of their nonsense and not acting like grow-ups, Hazel locks the two troublemakers into the observation tower for a long time. While Finny takes it well, Leah is really upset and decides to go to the Eat Guard despite the punishment, also dragging the Nestrian with her into believing that she won't be able to control her predatory moment if she doesn't eat. . As soon as they arrive where the food is stored, the duo quickly hide when Dave and Hazel come to inspect the rest of the food. Unfortunately, Dave accidentally rolls barrels that smash into the stocks where Leah and Finny had been hiding, throwing them out. Leah manages to grab hold of a carry with her claws but then grabs a piece of wood on the head as Dave expels her frustrations, knocking Leah and Finny into the water as the ark quickly moves away. On a makeshift raft, they try to catch up with the ark, but it soon turns out to be futile. Leah says she doesn't worry about how long it takes for their parents to realize their disappearance before remembering that they had swapped places with models of their own.

The next day, the kids try to fishing something to eat and only bring up a jellyfish named Gelly. Leah plans to eat her only for Finny to object to the Grymp's exasperation especially after the Nestrian decides to let the jellyfish stay with them. A few moments later, the trio enter a violent storm which breaks the raft and separates them.

Leah regains consciousness in the early morning, stranded on an island. While looking for Finny, she first finds Gelly and then continues the search. Later, Leah and Gelly arrive at a pond where the jellyfish takes the opportunity to cool off. Two masked Nestrians then sneak behind Leah in an attempt to capture her with a net but warned by Gelly, she gives them false company. Hiding from her pursuers from a rocky summit, Leah spots the arch in the distance and tries to get the attention of the ship without being noticed by the Nestrians but the rock she is standing on ends up encoding and dragging her to the center of the top. She then burns her buttocks and feet before the rock cracks, revealing lava. Managing to escape the volcano, Leah falls at the feet of the Nestrians before being neutralized by their blue smoke and captured.

Regaining consciousness again, Leah finds herself tied up and transported by the masked Nestrians to their secret abode where she is then locked up. Later, Leah is visited by Patch, an elderly Nestrian lady who is the head of the colony. Young Grymp tries to convince her to leave the scene with the other Nestrians and board the ark because of the soon to be erupted volcano, but Patch doesn't take her seriously and refuses to let her out.

As she attempts to smash the door, Leah reunites with Finny and urges him to retrieve the key to the door that Patch is keeping with her, while warning him about the volcano as well as she is happy to see him again. Later, Leah is finally freed, exchanges a hug with Finny then the duo flees, chased by the Nestrians. Their chase ends when Chief Clyde blocks their way and orders two guards to bring the kids back to the storage room. Along the way, Finny notices that the guards aren't taking them to the right place, prompting Leah to aggressively stand up to the two guards before they are revealed to be Dave and Hazel infiltrating the colony. After a touching reunion, the quartet find themselves surrounded on the bridge by Patch, Clyde and the guards. When Leah's warnings about the volcano and Hazel's attempt to make it clear that the carnivores have changed fall on deaf ears, the two Grymps sever the ropes of the bridge to facilitate the escape to the surface.

They find the animals in the ark and warn them of the danger only to discover that they had dismantled a large part of the ark to build jacuzzis and a bar. As all seems lost, the colony of Nestrians agrees to join forces with the wild animals to rebuild the ark at the most critical moment. As the rebuilding goes on, Finny learns from the Nestrians children that Patch got stuck in the underwater mansion and wants to save her, but Leah doesn't want to leave him alone until Finny reminds him that she isn't. will not be able to survive underwater and that she must keep Gelly. No sooner is the Nestrian gone than Gelly escapes Leah.

Refusing to stand there without being able to do anything as Dave and Hazel set off to retrieve a freshly brought Finny to the surface by a giant automaton, Leah uses the hang glider to join and rescue Finny, Patch and Gelly. While Dave and Hazel see their children in the sky, the hang-glider is hit by a lava meteor and burns, but they still manage to reach the arch in time. With the ark away from the island just exploding, Dave and Hazel happily hug Finny and Leah before Gelly jumps on them to give them a hug, accidentally electrocuting them.

Some time later on an ark improved by the Nestrians, Leah and Finny scold Gelly's reckless behavior in much the same way their parents did earlier. Hazel and Dave then congratulate them on their recent mature behavior and consider treating them like real grow-ups but Finny and Leah refuse, finding that it is too much pressure to the point of preferring to remain children, to their disbelief. parents. Immediately after, the completely injured dove returns to the ark with an olive leaf, signifying that it has found a ground, only for the animals to choose to stay a little longer on the ark.



  • Her behavior is similar to Cera from The Land Before Time series: starts rude and cocky, but contain a pure and sweet heart for others.
  • She's the only character along with her mother, Hazel, to undergo a makeover in the sequel.