Don't take Love Live lightly. It's not a game!
~ Leah Kazuno

Leah Kazuno is a member of Aqours's rival group, Saint Snow. She is one of Saint Snow's two members, the other being her older sister, Sarah Kazuno. Leah is a first-year student at Seisen Girls' Academy. Her image color is white.

She is voiced by Hinata Sato in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Amber Lee Connors in the English version of the anime.


In season 2, it is revealed at Leah has always been a shy girl and had a hard time talking to others. Much like Ruby Kurosawa, she initially kept herself at a distance from her classmates and kept to herself while she was at school. In a conversation with the first years, she mentions that she had always felt uncomeforable hanging out with people. However, upon realising that her classmates were willing to accpect her, Leah gains more confidence in herself and boldly declares that she would form a new idol group with them.

Physically, Leah appears to be extraordinarily adept at parkour or gymnastics, able to somersault over the members of Aqours with only a running start.

While singing, Leah is the rapper of Saint Snow.


Leah possesses a pronounced sence of competitiveness, apparent in her hostilty towards the members of Aqours. Her competitive attitude leads to her subsequent disparagement of Aqours in the aftermath of the Tokyo idol event.

Outside of competition, Leah adopts a stoic front towards fellow school idols. She is generally silent in the converstations between Saint Snow and Aqours, leaving the duty of displaying hospitality to Sarah. However, Leah is quick to react to comments she perceives as inanes. This has led to her going as far as to call out Chika Takami for being an idiot when she questioned Saint Snow's desire to win the Love Live!

Much like her sister, Leah displays a high level of conviction for Saint Snow's cause. Even as she mantains her stoic facade, she fights back tears upon knowledge of Saint Snow's failure to enter the winning group for the Tokyo idol event.

Leah seems be extremely self-confident as well, performing a bold somersault over Aqours in their first meeting to assert her dominance over her competition. She flashes a smirk towards Aqours whenever she impresses them with her performances.

Despite her bold statue, she deeply about her sister, going as far as saying Sarah is better than Dia Kurosawa.

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