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We can put a stop to all of this right now. It doesn't have to go any further, no one else has to die. Just leave us alone. That's all I want.
~ Lee's message to The family.

Lee is the main protagonist of the WhisperedFaith ARG Series, and friend of Mo.


Season 1

Lee initially started his YouTube channel to document the weird noises within his house, and it was eventually revealed that he was being hunted by The Rake. It eventually got to the point where he got his arms slashed open by the Rake and how to go to the hospital, where he was put on suicide watch. Lee is eventually stalked by a mysterious group of masked men. While searching for clues, he is nearly killed by these men, until he is saved by a mysterious woman with a gun.

Later on, Lee and Mo ran into Story Parker at one point after witnessing her being attacked by The Rake. The three work together for three videos, where she somehow reads the mysterious book that had been found by Lee, and is eventually teleported back to her home state by the Slender man.

Lee is contacted by a man named Zack, who says that he can help him with their situation. On the way to meet Zack, Lee is questioned by Noah Maxwell where he is during the events of TribeTwelve's Bridge to Nowhere. When Lee and Mo meet "Zack" and his girlfriend, Lex, they are betrayed drugged by the two. When Lee awakens, Mo is missing and he realizes that they are imposters and had killed the real Zack. Lee is called by their leader and is told to meet them in the woods, where they are holding Mo hostage in exchange for the book. Lee manages to trick them and attempts to escape with the book and Mo, but in return, is captured himself as Mo gets away with the book.

Season 2

Lee is captured by the mysterious cult known as "The Family" and is tortured by their leader in various ways, such as having the Rake break his mind and getting his ring finger cut off. Mo eventually figures out where Lee is, and teams up with Lex, who's boyfriend was killed by the cult leader, to save Lee. Lex is captured, and Lee and Mo capture the leader and escape.

The leader is revealed to be a man named Sean, who is also a close friend of Lee. Feeling betrayed, Lee interrogates Sean, only to learn that he is a victim of The Rake's brainwashing. Lee sends a message to The Family where Lee provokes them by stating that they still have Sean in their basement. Lee also says that he thinks about killing Sean everyday, but he won't, because he considers him "their leverage."

He is then contacted by Linnie telling him to meet him at certain coordinates. She also appears to be the girl who saved him at the Viaduct.

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