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Lee Clark is the protagonist from The Amazing Spiez!. He is the oldest brother of Marc Clark, Tony Clark and Megan Clark.

He is voiced by Andrew Sabiston who also voices Tenderheart Bear from Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot.


He wears spy suit and his MPCom are red.

In his normal appearance, Lee has auburn colored hair that seems to be in the style of a flat top. He has pale blue (sometimes grey) eyes, wears a red short sleeved shirt with a white "W" on it, burgundy colored pants, red shoes, and a red and white wrist band.


He is very athletic and the most powerful spy in the group. While his two brothers share funny and immature traits, Lee is part big brother/part father figure. Nothing is more important than his siblings that he would do anything to protect them.


  • He and Marc Clark are the only two siblings that look like their mom – with the hair and skin tone.
  • In addition, he has a habit of going crazy over girls, which is similar to Clover's boy-craziness.
  • He is also the jet pilot and is often shown to be claustrophobic.


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