Attaboy, attaboy! You can do it! Way to go! Attaboy, attaboy! You can do it! Way to go! Attaboy!
~ Leeron Littner

Leeron "Ron" Littner is a supporting protagonist in the anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Also called "Ron", they are the village mechanic of Littner, who is able to repair and scavenge the various Gunmen he and his group encounter. When Kamina, Yoko, and Simon go off to fight the Beastmen, Leeron offers to go to help with repairs, becoming the mechanic of Team Dai-Gurren. Along the way, they help give information about both Gurren and Lagann. They also explain about how they can combine when they first do so to fight Viral.

They are voiced by Masaya Onosaka in the Japanese version and Steven Blum in the English version, the former of whom also voices Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang, Vash the Stampede, Isaac Dian, and Shinji Hirako.


Leeron is a masculine person of average height and build, with short blue hair and black eyes. Their outfit tends to vary, though they are usually seen wearing some kind of labcoat.


Leeron is an androgynous non-binary character, describing themself as "neither a man nor a woman" in their original appearance. While the English dub portrays them as a flamboyant gay man, there is nothing in the original script to validate that depiction. However, they are openly fond of both of the leading male protagonists, occasionally teasing them with come-ons and typically acting very affectionate towards them. While they are a generally playful person, Leeron is very rational and more than capable of being serious when they have to be.

Leeron is also one of the most loyal members of Team Dai-Gurren, being the only adult member of the team (other than Kamina) to never doubt Simon. When Simon is making his speech about how he is himself and not Kamina, Leeron is shown nodding and smiling, suggesting they knew the entire time that Simon would make a comeback.

Powers & Abilities

Despite not specializing in combat or fighting ability, Leeron is lauded for their intelligence and creativity and is vaunted as the most intelligent human in the series besides Lordgenome himself. Their genius allowed them to create and modify vast machinery into a variety of forms and explain the abstract phenomenon that occurs in the Gurren Lagann Universe. They are noted for being the one who educates the rest of the cast on peculiar happenings and has been responsible for the many scientific breakthroughs that have been yielded by Team Dai-Gurren. According to Leeron themself, they owe their intelligence and aptitude to their own Spiral Power considering with the span of seven years they went from being dysgraphic and illiterate (being unable to read or write) to programming interstellar machines.

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