I am a loyal citizen of the Empire. My parents were Legionnaires, and I've followed in their footsteps. But more importantly, I am a daughter of Skyrim and wish to see her made whole again.
~ Legate Rikke

Legate Rikke is the Chief Lieutenant of the Imperial Legion under General Tullius. Despite being a Nord, she believes strongly that Skyrim should be part of the Empire.


If the Dragonborn decides to join the Imperial Legion, Legate Rikke will be their advisor through the course of the Civil War, telling them their plans to gaining each hold in the province. During battles amongst Stormcloak bases, she will fight alongside the Dragonborn in a similar manner as a follower.

During the final battle in Windhelm, Rikke, the Dragonborn and General Tullius confront Ulfric Stormcloak and his right-hand Galmar Stone-Fist. Galmar charges t the Imperial Leaders, but is ultimately defeated and killed, they then confront Ulfric, to which he puts up a battle due the advantage of his knowledge with the Thu'um. The Dragonborn successfully incapacitates the Stormcloak leader and General Tullius then asks Ulfric what his final words are before being executed. After giving a statement, the Dragonborn kills Ulfric and Rikke tells him "Talos be with you" before he dies. Afterwards, she is present alongside the Dragonborn and the rest of the Imperial Legion as Tullius gives a victory speech, before returning to Castle Dour in Solitude for the duration of the game.

Alternatively, should the Dragonborn side with the Stormcloaks, she will be confronted inside Castle Dour with a notably incapacitated General Tullius. Galmar offers to spare her if she joins the Stormcloaks, but she angrily refuses and attacks the Dragonborn and Galmar. She is then killed and states "Talos preserve us" upon her death. If the main campaign has not been completed, she can then be encountered in Sovngrade where she states that the Imperial Legion's tactics in the Civil War were a big mistake and regrets the decision of liberating Skyrim, she will however assist the Dragonborn against his/her battle with Alduin if she is nearby.


While Rikke is indeed a Nord, she believes that the Imperial Legion is able to restore Skyrim to its former glory. Her views of the Stormcloaks is shared with General Tullius, one of disgust and the belief that they are rogue group of supremacists. Despite her negative views with the Stormcloaks, she is known to be a worshipper of Talos, and like General Tullius, believes that the White-Gold Concordat is just a document to allow the Thalmor to gain power in Tameriel, thus expressing distrust amongst them.


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