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However, some in Chima chose not to embrace the chi. They stayed simple and pure. Vanishing into the Outlands never to be seen again. These creatures are now known as the Legend Beasts. It is said they will reaturn on day, when Chima needs them most.
~ Lagravis telling the Great Story

The Legend Beasts are mythical animals that are minor characters in Legends of Chima season 1, major characters in season 2 and minor characters in season 3.

The Great Story

The world Chima was once inhabited only by animals like the Legend Beasts. But when Mount Cavora was created and the chi waterfalls flow down to the ground, everything changed. The animals drank the chi water and evolved into more sophisticated, intelligent and more humanoid creatures. Some of the animals refused to drink the water and therefore never evolved and didn't no longer belong in the center of Chima. Those animals went out to the Outlands never to be seen again in eons. They became known as the Legend Beasts and were then told as a myth to younger generations in Chima. Many inhabitats in Chima believed that the Legend Beasts didn't exist and were only a legend.

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