Leggy was a protagonist from the TV series Primeval: New World.


Leggy was a terrorbird, a young chick, who came together with two other terrorbirds, by an anomaly typical of this series. Two criminals found him, and one of them took him with him and called him "Leggy". Shortly after, Evan Cross and Dylan Weir were looking for the anomaly, and also found the criminals and the young Leggy. Ken Leeds told the two later that he had sent him back through his anomaly, but he just kept him.

He surrendered the young terrorbird to the military, who took him to a laboratory, and carried out cruel and painful experiments with him. A few months later, Leggy had become an adult beast, and could flee from the lab. He leapt through a window and ran through an alley.

When Evan and Dylan found him, he just rummaged through a refuse container for food. Some soldiers tried to catch him, but he could flee again. This time he hid himself in a sports arena. The military followed him to capture him again, while Evan and Dylan also followed the sports arena to allow him to flee. Leggy managed to kill two soldiers, but he could not flee, and eventually he was killed.


  • As a chick, Leggy was curious and harmless, and had a taste for cheese puffs. As an adult, he was much more frightened, but also much more aggressive, probably because he had been mistreated by human scientists.
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